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– you do not have enough money to keep enough stock!

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A lot of people have a dream to start their own hair extensions business. They dream to become their own boss. To get a growing number of happy clients who return to their shop to buy new extensions over and over again.

Having a dream is not enough to make things work. Sometimes a dream can even be an obstacle to start your own business, especially if you keep on dreaming.

We learned a lot from the many emails we get from enthusiastic people. People who all like to start their own hair extensions business, but did not know where to start or how to proceed.

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Our business ideas will help you to succeed. Because in the business of human hair extensions sale, it´s not only about the product, but also about the trust and service. This is also relevant for the owner of a store that sells hair extensions who wants to purchase hair and is looking for wholesale hair distributors or a hair extensions manufacturer. There are many companies offering wholesale human hair extensions, but to get a supplier where you can buy human hair extensions for your business also depends on the confidence you have in the product and service they offer, We also spot the markets for trends that can be a great niche for your business; check our market outlook for your country or region. But we are also looking at men, the latest products and for example Women with Hair Loss. If you are looking for wholesale hair weave distributors or wholesale hair extensions manufacturers. Follow us for your business opportunities!

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  1. Hey,friend, excuse me .

    Introduce us to u for saving your time to find out a trusted manufacturer.


    Add me for more informations and get 24*7hours service.
    Best regards
    Jimmy Chen
    Whatsapp no.: 008613782247928

    • Hi Jimmy, thanks for your comment. Nice to know you are selling hair, but is there any website or social media platform we can read and see more about your business and the hair you are selling? Please share with me more about Tailong Hair Products Co LTD.

      • hello:jinyuan hair products CO.,LTD from xuchang China

        Add me for more informations

        • Hi William, please tell me more about the hair you offer and the conditions. Do you only use whatsapp or do you also have a website to visit? Stefan

          • hello,I am William from China Changge City, Henan Province JY hair Products Co., Ltd.,Our company specializes in 7A Virgin hair, 100% natural hair, Brazilian / Indian / Peruvian / Malaysia hair extension, mainly for the American big brand, Factory price, quality assurance, wholesale, regional agents, welcome to inquire.
            My whatsapp: 0086-15537422223
            Email: chinahumanhair@hotmail.com

  2. This is Helen. we are hair manufacture lasts for 13 years.can supply kinds human hair, such as wig, hair weft, closure and other kinds hair extensions.We supply hair directly to a hair salon, who orders 20,000pcs/month. so pls dont worry about the hair quality.
    For more information, pls contact me directly.

    Helen Zhang
    Email: huiwenzhang1987@hotmail.com/ helenzhang0305@gmail.com
    Skype: huiwen1987
    Whatsapp/kakaltalk/Phone: 008618953206328

  3. Hi there.

    Thank you so much for this platform. I’ve been on your website /blog everyday and had brought insight. Iv also watched done of the YouTube videos.

    I’m currently running a hair business called hair express. Iv been in business for a month and have bought 4 3pcs of a mixture of hair ie Brazillian, peruvian, cambodian. Iv made R5000 in this first couple of weeks. I expect to sell more at the end of the month when my customers get paid. So that’s where I’m at exactly with sales. Next week I’m going to http://www.professionalhair.co.za which is a hair expo that happens annuallyin South Africa Johannesburg.

    So the vision I have for the business is that I will be the first wholesalers in South Africa that sells virgin human hair. Therfore I will focus on a volumes business more than a margin driven business.

    Now the problems I’m having are:
    1. Funding customers who are wanting to buy volumes
    2. Finding a great supplier who sells genuine human hair and has the capacity available
    3. Staying in business by restocking and having access to funding
    4. Finding faster turn around times with suppliers to avoid being out of stock regularly

    I have 1 hair salon that is selling my stock and I pay the lady responsible for my stock 10% of whatever she sells.

    I hope iv given you a clear overview and in looking forward to your response.

    P.s I heard about you from Tipesh of Bhoomi from India

    King regards
    Kiba Bam

    • Hi Kiba, great to read your story and a good idea to be in this growing market for human hair in SA. Great in the first weeks of your launch you already have a salon selling your hair brand. That´s promising. Setting up a wholesale business requires, more than a re-seller business thorough market research. Indeed you need both re-sellers/salons in need for high volume and suppliers that can meet this demand. If you match the demand and the supply you can save on your inventory. You could even consider to work with dropshipping. We also notice the increased demand for human hair in South Africa because the number of questions, requests for business plans and demand for hair suppliers is growing. At this moment we are working on a service to provide salons and re-sellers in South Africa hair samples.

      Give my regards to Tippesh, a great company to work with in India indeed.

      • Hello!!
        I represent fashiontrendo luxury human hair.
        We are human hair wholesaler and retailer located in Thailand(Bangkok). We are specialised in asian hair(cambodian, vietnamese, malaysian, Burmese…). Our hair are 100% chemical free. We can provide you with raw hair or welfted hair as the client convenient.All pictures of our simple do not have filter!! They are virgin and naturally shine. At a Stunning price.
        You can check our blog http://www.fashiontrendoluxuryhumanhair.blogspot.com / Our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ftluxuryhumanhair
        email: ftluxuryhumanhair@yahoo.com
        call/whatsapp/viber: +66 96 131 7451
        +66 97 241 1326
        Look forward

  4. Dear friend,
    This is Selena from Qingdao KZY hair product co., ltd. A factory in china that
    engaged in producing hair products for many years .Our lines are mainly hair extensions, lace closures and wigs. we have large quantity of hair material from more than 6 different countries. with good quality , pricing and servicing we have a lot of advantages
    india remy hair
    8″ $18 10″ $19 12″ $20 14″ $23 16″ $27 18″ $30 20″ $33 22″ $37 24″ $40 26″ $43 28″ $47
    brazilian virgin hair
    8″ $22 10″ $25 12″ $27 14″ $29 16″ $34 18″ $37 20″ $43 22″ $48 24″ $50 26″ $52 28″ $55
    4*4 lace closure price
    8″ $23 10″ $24 12″ $25 14″ $27 16″ $30 18″ $34 20″ $37 22″ $42 24″ $44
    How do you like this price? can you tell me more details about hair length ,texture and other things that i need to konw? for the first time, samples orders are available to test the quality. You can select from a reliable factory at very reasonable prices. I hope we cancooperate and become partners.
    More information needed, pls contact us without any hesitation
    for convinence you can whatsapp me:+8618765283620
    Looking forward to your early reply.

    Best regards,

  5. I have just purchased your book. Although i am not done reading it, i am happy i got it. I have been selling raw extra virgin hair for five years in Ghana/West Africa and the quality is next to none. My customers are always happy with their purchase because they believe it is value for money.(longetivity – more than 4yrs). Now i would like to add wholesaling and supply to salons and stylists as well as individuals who would like to start a hair extensions retail business.

    • Hello Achiaa, thanks you for sharing this with us and I am happy too you are pleased with the eBook ¨From Dream to your Own Hair Extensions Business, in Only 10 days¨ . It´s smart to expand your business with a wholesale service. If you have fine hair, we could be promoting your service on our website, so you can get some extra exposure. If there is anything we can do to support you in bringing your hair business to the next level, please feel free to contact us by email or whatsapp +31 6234 44 902. Good luck with your hair Business in Ghana, Stefan

    • Hello how are you? I’m interested in starting my own business selling hair, I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to hair because I’m a faithful hair purchaser. I’m also a stay at home mom as of right now and I need this for income. I know I would excel in this business I just need to talk to someone that can help me start it. Could you please help me? Could I possibly purchase hair from you wholesale? Please help!

      • Hi Tiera, thanks for the questions and it’s very good to have experience as a buyer of hair extensions. This will help you to think on how you can become different and better then other hair re-sellers. To sell hair is a good business, also if you want or have to work from home. If you want we can have a talk, you only need to use the blue contact me button on the website and we make an appointment. I hope to talk to you soon, Stefan

  6. Hello my friend,
    How are you?
    This is Qingdao Honor Hair Products Co., Ltd. You can find us from alibaba(www.cvwigs.cn).
    We are hair factory which focus on the quality of our hair product and all our price is factory price.
    I am Petal, a lovely Chinese girl.
    Would you like to get some samples for testing, my friend?
    We still have many other hair products, I can send you our more information if it’s okay for you,
    Notice: We won’t change our account, if do , we will not only inform you by mail but also tel (+0086-532-88295677).

    • Hey petal am strating my own hair business am looking a good legitimate hair supplier to do business with

  7. We are professional exporter of human hair extensions including tape in , clip in, micro loop, weft etc. please contact me via tel/whatsapp/viber 0086-13605326090 or skype: aaa-nancy.

    • Hi Nathan, thanks for the message. I checked your website and I was wondering if you could send me some hair samples to check the quality of your hair extensions. Please contact me at advice@howtosellhairextensions.com. Kind Stefan

  8. Dear,
    Good day to you ,we know you on google .and we visit your websit just now ,so we know you do hair bundles ,hair bulk ,wig and other hair,
    we are Juancheng Shangkai hair products Co,.LTD ,we have been in this line for more than 20 years ,we have our own factory
    for the quality ,please be rest assured , we will keep good quality for you ,
    we attach our pricelist for you ,you can reference .the following is hair bundle’s price :
    for the quality ,please be rest assured ,we will keep good quality in person 
    and i know you have the stable suppliers now ,but as a old factory we also hope we have chance to show the quality to you .
    hope we can build cooperation on this business together .
    if you have any other questions ,please contact me without hesitation ,thanks .
    I am looking to your early reply .
    yours sincerely

    • Hi Priscilla,

      Thanks for sharing all this information about your business on our website. We do advice start ups and hair selling companies that want to grow their business more faster. We do not sell hair extensions ourselves because we want to give an independent advice, but if you are looking for a hair distributor you can use our VIP service to find a good supplier.

  9. Hello Dear,

    Glad to hear that your company do hair extensions business,
    This is Matt from Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd. As a human hair factory for more than 15 years, supply best quality human hair extensions for worldwide, use many skill workers to produce, source hair from worldwide,
    We usually supply tape hair extensions,skin weft hair extensions,clip in hair extensions,hair weft,keratin hair extensions,bulk hair, nano ring hair extensions,micro ring hair extension.etc
    Have many stock tape hair extensions, machine weft hair, bulk hair ready to ship,
    Also can OEM for you, can produce according to your request,
    Various payment you can choose, PayPal, Western Union,Moneygram, BANK
    Just contact Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd. For specifications !

    Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd.
    Website: http://www.uniquewig.com
    Blog: http://www.uniquewig.blogspot.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QingdaoUniqueHair
    Facebook like page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Qingdao-Unique-Hair-Products-CoLtd/300703893286961
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/qduniquehair
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/QingdaoUniqueHair
    WeChat: uniquehair
    Whatsapp: +8613012555505

  10. Hello
    This is william from china,we are a leading human hair extension factory ,we can produce many kinds of hair extension with competitive price,including virgin natural colour hair weave,clip on hair,tape hair,nano hair,stick hair,nail hair,ez-weft hair etc,
    Here is our pricelis t for virgin remy natural colour,GRADE 8A
    hair closure of the price as follows
    10inches hair closure cost 23$/pc
    12inches hair closure cost 25$/pc
    14inches hair closure cost 27$/pc
    16inches hair closure cost 30$/pc
    18inches hair closure cost 33$/pc
    20inches hair closure cost 36$/pc
    Pls tell me your whatsapp,we can chat there.
    My whatsapp/viber is +86-13460538354
    Email is platinumhair365@hotmail.com
    Have a good day!
    Best regard

  11. Hi dear frend,
    This is Bella from Juancheng Dijun Hair Co.,Ltd in China.Glad to hear that you’are on the market for hair extension and hope to find a way to cooperate with you.
    We specialized in hair extension for 10 years with the customers from all over the world .We have the high quality hair extension with the great price,all length and color in stock .
    Would you have any problem ,call at any time: WhatsApp/Tel:+86-15006502053 I’m looking forword to your kindly reply
    Best wishes!

  12. Hello,We get our hair extensions wholesale from uk supplier http://www.glamloxhairextensions.co.uk
    They sell premium quality Remy reusable hair and also offer trade discount.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for your suggestion about Glamloxhairextensions I understand you buy from them, so please could you share with us your review and can you tell us if you are a re-seller of hair extensions or a salon buying your extensions from this hair extensions wholesale supplier?

      I would love to hear your customers experience with them or from others of course.

  13. Dear friend

    Good day for you

    Glad to hear that you are on the market for human hair products .
    We are big manufacture and exporter in this filed more than 10 years with the strength of Brazilian/Peruvian/Malaysian/Indian/Russian Hair Weaves ,
    Flat/U/V/Nail Tips. Pu tape Micro Ring Hair Extension, Clip in and lace wigs, lace closures, toupee etc with high quality and competitive price.
    Now we have more than thousand bundles in stock could ship at once from DHL/UPS/FEDEX etc.
    Any interest contact us freely.

    Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.

    Best Regards

    Kate-Sales Manger

    Gloria Hair Products Co., Ltd

    Tel:+86 0532 88074626
    Fax:+86 532 877733821

    WhatSapp: 008613276392559

  14. Dear friend

    This is anderson i want selling lots of hair thats why i was talk by phone ya facebook &my email-

    • Hi Anderson, thanks. Great to read you want to sell lots of hair extensions. I would love to support you. Did you already sign up for the free newsletter?

    • Femi Love Virgin Hair Co. offers a fabulous Bulk Order Discounts for our individuals who want to open up their own business and provide beautiful hair extensions to their exclusive clientele! We offer 25% OFF our lowest bundle deals w/ a minimum of 10 bundles of more (any style, any length, any origin)…
      We provide Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and Cambodian (100% Virgin Hair) in styles of Straight, Kinky Straight, Loose Wave, Natural Body Wave, Water Wave, Deep Wave, Deep Curly (lengths 10″ to 30″)…
      We even have samples for only $25.00!
      Email us for a quick quote: FemiLoveHair@gmail.com
      Website: http://www.FemiLoveHair.com

  15. Good afternoon, my name is Olexandr. I have an offer. Maybe, you are interested in buying natural women’s hair from Ukraine on a regular basis? Write back if this offer interests you. Waiting for your reply.




  17. Hello,

    I am an up and coming YouTuber. I am looking to do reviews for different products and companies. I am interested in your company and wanted to know if you could help me in building my YouTube base. I already have 745 Facebook friends, 291 Instagram followers and 992 Twitter followers. I am confident that I will give an honest review of your products. I know that I am just starting out, all I ask is if you would take a chance and allow me to grow my channel and brand. Some of the greatest people in life didn’t become great by themselves, they were given a chance to show what they can do. I to would like that chance. You will be a part of something great. If you are interested, please email me back. I eagerly wait your response.

    P.S. Here is a link to my page:


    Thanks So Much,



    • Hi Jessica, thank you so much for sharing your goal. I visited and watched your Youtube Channel and I subscribed too.I will spread the word about your channel. Because indeed everybody deserves an opportunity. Good luck! Kind regards, Stefan

  18. I want to start selling hair online and wanting to build a website for my business . I also make customized wigs and want to build my brand and invest in good quality hair for my business .



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