How To Sell Hair Extensions

More and more people are buying hair extensions, no more excuse not to start your own shop!

You have passion for hair and you know how you would service your clients better then these shops do, but:

-you do not get enough clients!

Demand for hair extensions is still growing, if you know how to be different you get an increasing number of clients;

-the competition is hard!

Many start ups do not finish it the first year, but you will stay in business thanks to your business plan;

– you do not have enough money to keep sufficient stock!

Most shops fail to increase their sales due to lack of money, but you can use creative methods and operational focus to grow your hair business; You have the passion, and we have SIX ways to help you to tackle the hurdles on your way so you can too make enough money as a successful business owner.

This website, five plans, from eBook , supporting you on how to find wholesale hair distributors, to complete business consulting, that will guide you from Dream to your own business without losing your Passion for hair and you can call us on Skype!

If you want to sell clip in hair extensions , put fusion hair extensions for sale or to start to offer hair extensions for sale online, we can support you to make it happen, in combination with our preferred webhosting provider BlueHost. Looking for samples we have businesses selling from wholesale brazilian hair to wholesale clip in hair extensions, just all wholesale hair products.

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How To Start

What to avoid

Avoid to offer all types of hair extensions , in all lengths, in all different colors and to sell your hair extensions to the whole world. Your success will be in your focus, this will allow you to obtain specialized knowledge in the products you sell, knowledge that...

Beat the Competition

How To Sell

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Earn Money


How To Monitor Your Business

Only if you measure the activity and outcome of your business you know what is happening. Of course you will have a (kind of) bookkeeping to check on the financial side and to prepare your tax return. But bookkeeping is telling you what has happened some time ago,...

You made year one and now

Congratulations, you are now a successful business person, if you managed to survive your first year in business it will be more likely you will also survive your next year. Take a moment to celebrate, to lean back and to check your original business plan with the...


Business Plan


Business Toolkit

Everything you need, to start your own hair line or Hair selling business is now available for the lowest price ever. For only USD 15.99 (introduction offer till end of July) you get our wellknown eBook ¨¨ From Dream to your Own Hair Extensions Business, in Only 10...

Hair Extensions Outlook Canada

Canada Tweet   The Hair Extensions market outlook for: Canada   Main developments: The overall domestic interest, searches, for hair extensions was stable through 2013 and 2014 with a preference above wigs 2013 demand disappointed the predections, but in...

The Hair Extensions Business

A lot of people have a dream to start their own hair extensions business, a dream to become their own boss and to get a growing number of clients; happy clients who return to their shop to buy new extensions over and over again.

But having a dream is not enough to make things work, sometimes a dream can even be an obstacle to setting up your own business, especially if you keep on dreaming. We learned this from the many emails we received from enthusiastic people who like to start their own hair extensions business, but did not know where to start or how to proceed. For those in need for a hair wholesale supplier, we offer support in finding the best hair supplier.

HowToSellHairExtensions is a consultancy firm that supports ´start-ups´ as we believe the best drivers for economic recovery and growth are small and medium sized companies. Through social media, the website email consulting and our eBook ¨From Dream to your own hair extensions business, in only 10 days“. This gives you a complete guide to start your own business and now with TWO free market surveys templates.

We wish you a pleasant ending of your dream and a successful start of your business and please feel free to contact us at any time of the day!

Many subscribers to our free newsletter share with us their questions on how to start selling hair extensions. First of all they want to benefit from the increased demand from people who want to buy hair weave online. A good combination with offering hair online, or selling hair extensions on eBay, is to sell hair locally. This helps to improve the hair extension business profit because it is easier for you to convince clients that you are one of the best stores that sell hair extensions. Because in the business of human hair extensions sale, it´s not only about the product, but also about the trust and service.

This is also relevant for the owner of a store that sells hair extensions who wants to purchase hair and is looking for wholesale hair distributors or a hair extensions manufacturer. There are many companies offering wholesale human hair extensions, but to get a supplier where you can buy human hair extensions for your business also depends on the confidence you have in the product and service they offer,

We also spot the markets for trends that can be a great niche for your business; check our market outlook for your country or region. But we are also looking at men, the latest products and for example Women with Hair Loss. If you are looking for wholesale hair weave distributors or wholesale hair extensions manufactorers. Follow us for your business opportunities!

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