Month: June 2015

Hair Business

Question: Good afternoon, I’m looking to start my own hair business. I have been a licensed hair stylist for over 12 years. For the last 2 years I have been a stay at home mom. I see a need in my area for good quality hair extensions. The problem I seem to be having with trying to start my business is a trying to find a whole vendor. I came across this site and I would love to know more about how to purchase hair wholesale. Thank you for your time! Phylicia B. Answer: If you sell hair to...

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advice on start up

Question:  Good evening , i really enjoyed reading your ebook on selling hair extensions it was very informative and insightful .I want to start selling hair extensions online i have been approved for a business loan to start up my business . i wanted to know if 5000 pounds would be enough to start how many bundles of hair would you start off buying ? would be grateful for advice  Answer: Thanks you for your kind words, very happy to read the eBook helped you in getting started. And I am very happy you´ve got a business loan approved. The inventory...

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I lost my eBook bought two years ago

< h1> eBook lost Question: hey can i get the ebook and blog again my hard drive died here is proof of purchase thank you in advance Answer: off course, good to read you bought the eBook in 2013 and still use it to make your hair selling business grow! Good luck and I am sorry about your hard drive. I recommend to read our post about how to make regular backups to protect your...

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In regards to hair business

Question:  I would like to find out information in regards to having my own hair extension business.   I would like to know where do I need to start. Answer: Every business starts and ends with your clients needs. Your clients will decide if your hair business is successful or not. They will tell you the type of hair they ant, the price they are willing to pay and how the packaging should look like. So your first step should be to meet your potential clients and to ask them what they are interested in. Make sure to interview enough...

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Hair Extensions Suppliers Question: I purchased your eBook on, “How to Sell Hair Extensions.”  I was hoping to find suppliers.  In the back of the book you said email if you need suppliers.  Please send any reputable suppliers we may consider establishing a relationship with. Thank you very much for your assistance.   Answer: We have contact with a number of hair suppliers, located in Donor Countries and in for example the USA and UK. Based upon the type of hair your clients are in need of we can match you with the right supplier. Indicate the type of hair...

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