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I purchased your eBook on, “How to Sell Hair Extensions.” I was hoping to find suppliers. In the back of the book you said email if you need suppliers. Please send any reputable suppliers we may consider establishing a relationship with.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Answer: We have contact with a number of hair suppliers, located in Donor Countries and in for example the USA and UK. Based upon the type of hair your clients are in need of we can match you with the right supplier. Indicate the type of hair you are looking for: Brazilian, Indian, Malyasian, Eurasian Peruvian hair extensions, etc. You will recieve an email with the contact details. Feel free to contact the suppliers direct, as they all have different handling procedures and response times. Interested? Check our VIP service for more. Make sure to get in touch with the suppliers, and ask them for the latest offer. It´s your business you want to grow!



  1. Hello
    I am looking for a hair extension supplier for my clientele. I am interrested in a large range of hair extensions. I want to supply to other hair salons here in Montreal. It wont bother me to go the USA to talk to a wholesaler.


    • Hi Dior, Good to read you comment. You got a very good niche, to supply hair to salons. We can introduce you to hair wholesale suppliers in the United States. Please check the VIP service to get you introduced to hair suppliers, do not forget to share your whatsapp number for a more swift response.

  2. good day

    I will like to start my own business on selling hairs. I am currently salon owner.

    kindly send me all the details on how and where to buy hairs.


    • Hi Goodness,

      I am happy to receive you mail, because I like to support start ups in the beautiful business of selling hair. It’s a good combination for a salon to offer hair extensions too as we mentioned in various posts on our website.

      We have an eBook that guides you from Dream to your own hair extensions business, this will save you a lot of time and money.

      Combined with the eBook you get the introduction to suppliers and 6 months of free online promotion of your business

  3. Hi I purchased your book and found it very informative, I want to start my own hair business as soon as I internalize you’re book.
    Please send wholesale hair information so that I can begin ordering samples of Brazilian and Indian hair
    Thank you

  4. I would like to start a hair busniess and i would like to know the wholesale contacts as well

    • Hi Aysia, thanks for your message. I would love to help you to start in the hair business. Did you already figure our how you are going to start. Many people start to make their friend look great with supplying them hair extensions. For the next step to grow to a mature money generating business it helps a lot if you follow a plan. This avoids you buy hair nobody wants to buy, or you go after people that will never buy from you unless you lower the price so low you do not make any profit out of it. We can help you to make that plan and to get the wholesale suppliers you are looking for.


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