Month: July 2015

Remy Hair club hair extensions supplier

Interview held with: Natasha Lombe, director Remy Hair Club at the Afro Hair &Beauty Show in London May 26th, 2014 Can you introduce RHC? Remy Hair Club (RHC) is a London based boutique global wholesaler of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions. We have 15 years of Styling experience behind us and we love to share this knowledge about the hair business with our clients. What do you offer? RHC is offering specially tailored collections of Weave, Lace Closures, Handmade Clip-Ins and Handmade Wigs. Why would somebody come to RHC? We want to eliminate the supply of sub-standard and fake hair extensions. In the fifteen years we are active in the hair business, we have helped many women with the aftermath of hair extensions that shed, tangle and break within weeks of purchase. We are leading by example, meeting the highest standards, to help all our loyal women feel beautiful and confident. Can you tell us how you keep the level of quality high? Our team personally source and select every product to guarantee the very finest quality natural hair in all styles, textures, lengths and weft types: silky straight to coil curl; double machine weft to super thin hand weft. Our hair is procured from a variety of global sources with whom we have tested, strong relationships and quality control. What kind of services do you offer as wholesale supplier?...

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Increase your margin as salon owner by selling hair extensions

There is a great way of increasing your profit margin as salon owner or stylist. Make more money that is not related to the number of hours you and your staff work, but by selling additional products, like hair extensions.   You run a full-service beauty salon and your aim is to provide customer satisfaction by offering excellent service, quality products and an enjoyable atmosphere in the right price value range. To make this work you also ensure your staff feels at home and likes to work with and for you. In other words, you offer everything to make your clients look and feel good!     What are the key factors to grow your salon business or as stylist   ·Location, the location should be easily accessible for your clients, enough parking or close to a public transport connection. The location should also fit with your target audience, if for example you aim at clients who can afford to pay above average for an awesome hair treatment but lack the time, be sure you are located near the business center.   ·Offer convenience, try to make your salon a one stop shop, and offer a wide range of services through extended business hours. Think of adding nail and skin care services.   ·Reputation. Protect and invest in your reputation. If you work with staff or other co-workers, make...

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Offer bundle deals and make it easier for your client to buy your hair

People do not like to think a lot when they want to buy something. They want to have it easy and enjoy as fast as possible the benefits of what they just bought. Everything that comes between them and the product, any distraction, might end up with frustration and a client that walks away. So, if you make it easier for your client to buy the extensions they are looking for, reduce the distraction. Here is where bundle deals are coming in. If you do installs and you offering a separate price for the install and for the extensions, your client will start to calculate. She wants to follow the conversation, so she will start to add up every figure you mention. Because beauty and mathematics are dealt by different parts of your brain, the maths are taken care by your brains on the left and the creativity (beauty) by your right side, here it goes wrong. Instead of falling in love with your hair, she will think of buying a calculator and the interest for your products will vanish. But if you offer a bundle deal for example 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch for a fix price or two packs and one closure, the focus stays within the right part of the brains (the right) and the purchase will be made much easier and faster, because...

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Seeking advice on how to sell hair extensions

Question: I hope this email finds you well.I am a lady based in South Africa in the cape town province looking forward to starting a hair extension business importing hair from China.In this week I will be receiving hair samples from the suppliers.I was kindly asking for advice on how i can best market and sell my hair .Thank you for promptly addressing my issue.I.will be looking forward to receiving your response. Answer: Good to read you already bought the hair, I would advice to first perform a market survey, find out what your clients are looking for. Go to a place (mall, market, the town center), where your can find your target clients. Make sure you look great with your own hair and start to ask them: if they buy hair extensions, the type of hair, if they buy online or in salons, what they like in the service of other shops find out the name of the shops they like and what they do not like. We have a form that goes with our eBook with more questions. The goal is to find out what your potential clients like, so you can focus on that type of hair and for example the service and price level. Before you order wholesale hair, check the shops analyse how they offer the hair and what you can do different, more...

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