The best sales persons know, to grab their share of the huge end of year turnover, they have to start in time. You have to start in time to let the market know you have the best hair at the best price, you need to build up the right audience, to find them and to start sending your target clients the message you have what they are looking for!

Do not wait too long, unless you prefer to wait another year to make some nice money.

If you start before summer you will have enough months remaining till Q4 starts to:

– Find out what kind of hair your target audience is looking for:

– define how you can be different from the rest and thus beat the competition

– get in touch with the suppliers that can deliver the best hair

– prepare your marketing message and material

– install you website and social media pages and

– start to build up an audience of regular visitors

So by the start of Q4 you are known by your target audience and they will think of you when they want to do their shopping’s!

To have the complete overview with everything you need to know to launch your hair business available for everybody this summer and thanks to a fully automated processing we have our Extended Edition eBook . Just see it as our early Christmas present to you! And for the first 50 we will add some extra templates as surprise!