Ask a marketing expert about his or her favorite number and there is a big chance the figure will be 7. Why ? Because it is proven you need to have at least 7 contacts with your potential clients before they will buy from you.

That´s easy right? Just tweet seven times ¨Buy my hair extensions because this will make you and me happy¨ and your sales will go sky high!

Wrong, unless your extensions are named ¨Coca Cola¨ you need to do a little bit more. See our seven tips:

-Select the clients you want to focus upon, use The Ideal Client Profile to focus

-Collect as much as address data as possible, not only email but also the social media your clients are active upon and follow your client (perhaps you can even trace her birthday!)

-Make sure the contact is personal, thus not a general tweet about offers or a standard newsletter, but include something personal in the message

-Invest in your client and her needs and include in a personal email some solutions for the pain points your client experiences

-Make sure in every contact you show YOU have something that is beneficial for the client

-Also a client that already bought from you the first time, needs to be convinced to buy another time, so keep on showing your genuine interest in these clients

Sorry, the seventh tip is up to you, make sure the message is 100% original and no copy paste from a message you saw on Instagram or Facebook.

And, please do not give up, if the client did not respond in any way after you fourth or fifth message, do not give up, remember seven is the magic number and sometimes you need one more!