Month: August 2015

Make Money with Bonding Glue on Weave Extensions

TMG Group New York has a PAID FOCUS GROUP…

Seeking Professional Hairstylists & Consumers who use
Bonding Glue on Weave Extensions
Rate: $75 plus $25 for transportation

Date: September 2, 2015

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Port Washington, NY Long Island
(If you do not drive, there is a train station 5 mins away)

Looking for:
Target A: 6 Regular consumers who use hair bonding glue regularly (4 African American & 2 Hispanic)
Target B: 6 Professional Hairstylists who use hair bonding glue regularly to clients
There will be two sessions – first one hour with Target A and the second hour with Target B.

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What Madam C J Walker did long time ago, you can do better and sell more hair!

If last week your sales were poor and the last month was no good either, you might start doubting if you picked the right product to sell. You will be searching, reading and analyzing everything that is available just to understand what is going wrong. Perhaps you already start to lose you interest in the hair extensions business, allow the passion to vanish and perhaps you are thinking of telling yourself you will quit the job! Wait, please wait before you do so, there is one more thing you should read before you make your final decision, a story...

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Double your hair market, start looking at men!

Except for things with buttons, men usually follow women for new trends in beauty and fashion. The same goes for hair. A typical conversation between a barber and his male client about the new hair style consists of four words: ¨the same as usual¨. Thanks to various celebrities like David Beckham this has been changing. Male clients demand more from their barber or better stylist! And now this is the same for hair extensions. In 2009 on a forum about fashion a man asked if it was acceptable to wear extensions to make his hair longer. The comments went from a simple “yes” (men do not need many words) to tips to double sew in the extension to avoid an embarrassing moment on the soccer field if you lose your extensions after you made the winning goal and the whole team jumps on top of you! But now it is possible, thanks again to celebrities, like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, men want to make this step into the women´s world and they also want to have more length, volume and color! And except to look like a celebrity it can also perfectly cover up the impact of the natural hair recession. Did you already do a market survey to know if male clients would be interested in your products? For sure you need to use a different approach and...

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A lot of visitors, but no one is buying your extensions!

You have put the greatest pictures on your website, the best stories and you have very competitive prices. And you have a lot of viewers, but hardly any sales, what can you do? People visit your website, Instagram or Facebook page but how do you keep their attention after they left your page? You know on an average people need to see a shop or the hair extensions before they will buy something. In 4 strands we will share with you how to keep their attention, even if they are not on your website or Facebook page anymore. 1. Keep your website up to date, refresh your content or offer new content on a regular basis. Avoid to have outdated offers on your site because first time visitors might decide your website is no longer maintained and start to look for another sop without even checking your web shop. 2. Create a social media button (twitter or Facebook) on you site so people can just click on this button and follow you after they left your shop. 3. Keep the conversation going. In other words, keep your social media alive with promo´s and interesting postings and tweets. There are tools, like “socialbro” that can indicate what the best time is to post your tweets, and if you schedule your postings on this best times with Hootsuite you can get...

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Believe in yourself and your business, even if the going gets tough

Some time ago I exchanged some emails with a nice lady, called Kimberly. She contacted us because she started her hair extensions shop some months ago, but after a promising start, the sales dropped and she nearly closed her web shop she opened not even a year ago. She started full of passion and energy She wrote about the energy she felt when she started last summer to sell hair extensions; she loved to go out and search for the best hair available, she liked the negotiations with her hair extensions wholesale supplier to get the best quality for the best price but most of all; she loved the talks and to sell to the clients. To advise them to buy the best extensions. She did not mind if it was day or night, she was in control of her own business! The first complaints But then at the end of last year, some clients started to complain about the extensions, the hair was tangling. When Kimberly received the first complaint she disputed the fact the hair was tangling, this was not possible, she never had any complaint before. But the client, she had such a good talks with before, turned sour. Not that long after the first complaint, another client contacted her with the same issue. This time she offered the client to return the hair and to...

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