My second Vlog with Outlook South Africa, Daché Hair and your questions


I keep my promise one week later again a video for you. Listento some answers on questions I received and some business opportunities in South Africa in hair extensions, forget Brazilian go your own way and shop of the weekend Daché Hair!

If you want to be the next shop or salon of the weekend, let me know!

What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

Start Now Selling Hair Extensions


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  1. well, your never gonna find real human hair extensions for cheap, if you want clip ins you can go to the mall and try the kiokss, or go to beauty supply stores to get synthetic hair(which you cant color or iron.) but you can get human hair extensions thier but it will be expensive. Ag irl I work with bought human hair extensions, about 18 inches for a hundred bucks. good luck!!!


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