How to get new clients

How to get new clients is one of most frequent returning questions in the mails we receive. The answer is rather simple, let as much as possible people know about your hair. Create a nice website for example with support from Shopify Ecommerce, tweet about it, post it on Facebook and tell as many people as possible about it!

Seven times

If you know that people need to see a product at least seven times before they actually will buy the hair, so if you do not know that many people or you do not have that many friends and followers yet? Than what can you do?

Now it´s time to look for friends who are willing to help you to sell, not just any friend but friends with a business in the same Industry, the beauty Industry. They all face the same problem, how to reach as many people as possible, so why don´t you combine forces?

Join forces

Look for Hair salons, Beauty salons or Nail studios that have the same type of ideas about doing business as you and offer to refer clients who buy hair from you to them. In exchange they could refer clients to you. If this works you could even take one step more and offer to give them some extensions to sell for you. No investment from them needed, but they will now have a wider product or service offering. Their business will be bigger and more interesting for their clients. And you have more people who will see and feel your hair.


Make sure you pack your hair well and print your brand name and contact details on the hair. For this you can check for a great design, that people will impress people and sticks to their memory. If people do not buy the hair in the shop of your new friend, at least the brand name will be in their mind. So next time when they will see the name of your hair brand they will be one step closer in buying from you!

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