The sweet words your client wants to know before she buys your hair

During the first stage somebody is thinking about getting new hair, you have a great change to get her attention, just by using the right words (key words). Use general and broad key words in your online advertisements or meta tags (as you use on your website and your shop will get noticed the best.
Your client is thinking 4 times about your hair but when and how?

The whole process a customer goes through before she buys your hair can be broken down in only four stages, or as we call it the buying funnel.

How to get more visitors to your site

More visitors You want more visitors to your website? Visitors that will turn into clients if they like what you offer! Or even better into loyal clients because they will come back to you. Read here how to make this possible. Start your own Blog and become known as an expert in hair fashion The secret is to make sure you share your expertise, impress people with your knowledge about hair and they will feel more confident to buy from you. Start your own blog about the extensions you want to sell and make this a special event for everybody who visits your blog

What hairstyle fits the dress?

You know everything about fashion and you are you know what’s goping on in the world. On top of that you have a great passion for hair, right? If this is the case we have a questions for you? We are going to test your skills and need your help to find the perfect hair style for the dress we picked.
So, what style of hair fits with the dress? Imagine a client walks in your shop, wearing this dress, and she wants to know the best hair style.

Share with us your opinion in the comments below or share it through social media. Are you the expert?

You´re on Instagram, but do you sell more hair thanks to it?

Drive your Instagram followers to your web shop and generate a loyal client base

and start earning with your beautiful pictures.
Check the 6 tips to give your sales a boost thanks to your Instagram account or watch the video

1. Instagram Profile: Keep it updated
·Update your company profile with seasonal items, what about Valentine’s day!
·Your bio is the most important for mobile viewers, so make it look great
·Use a special website link, to drive viewers to a special landing page

2. Ask Questions
·Invite your viewers to interact with you by asking questions
·Keep your questions short, simple and specific
·Use a cute or fun image
·Write in a very personable tone, to deepen the visitors engagement with your brand