How to get more visitors to your site


More visitors

You want more visitors to your website? Visitors that will turn into clients if they like what you offer! Or even better into loyal clients because they will come back to you. Read here how to make this possible.

Start your own Blog and become known as an expert in hair fashion

The secret is to make sure you share your expertise, impress people with your knowledge about hair and they will feel more confident to buy from you. Start your own blog about the extensions you want to sell and make this a special event for everybody who visits your blog. In the book “Blogging for Passion, Profit and to Create Community” you can find the best tips to make a Blog work and earn money for you! Next to this start to visit other blogs.

Pay a visit to other blogs

You should know that Google places the websites that are the most relevant on top of every non-paid search result. To know what site shows relevant content, Google analyses for example which website is the most interesting and that´s the website with the highest number of links from other websites and the best content.
Just follow the following steps:
– Look for blogs or websites that publish interesting content about fashion and hair
– Check if these blogs are recent and get enough comments
– Leave a comment that shows your expertise about fashion and hair extensions
– And make sure you also mention the link to your own website.
By doing so you will:
– Become known as an expert in your field and people will check you website but
– Also Google will analyze that your website is interesting for others as there will be more and more links from other blogs and sites.
Just give it a try, make it a daily routine to comment on blogs and slowly your web site will climb through the ranks of Google and the number of visitors will grow!

Or promote your shop for free

If you place a free advertisement on our website a quality link will be created to your website, and your shop gets extra promotion!



  1. Thanks for the advice, i will use it to my advantage, very on point tips about the do’s and dont’s of selling hair and building your clientel

    • Hi Shamica, thanks for your kind words. Please contact me if you want free promotion to get more exposure for your own shop! Stefan

      • Hey I wanted some advice I’ve started my own hair business but I haven’t gotten any orders yet

        • Hi Sabrina, Thanks for your message. For me it’s not clear if you sell hair online or through a salon. I checked your website but this was not online. Once you are online again, make sure you use the key words your potential clients are looking for. Not only in the meta tags of your website. But also on the pictures. You can also use the combination of your social media and the website. Please contact me once you are online again.

  2. Hi Stefan, I would love to know how to build more traffic to my website. Your advice is great and ill Try them. Im very new to the meta tag and meta description. Your expert advice is much needed. Thank you!

    • Hi Shannon, thanks for your kind words and the question. Please take into account it is indeed important to work on the meta tags , but it is also important to make sure your content on your webpage mentions the key words in a natural way. Do not overdue the word Brazilian Hair Extensions for example. By the way, my congratulations as I noticed you just launched your website, a very nice website by the way and I can recommend others to visit your site.

  3. Hi I have started selling hair to people in person and I’m trying to take the next step to creating a website. I have went to a few but I didn’t like the setup they had and was very limited to how I can set up my projects and stuff. Do you have any advice or do you know a good website to start out with.?

    • Hi Jasmin, thanks for your question and great to read you are taking your hair selling business to the next level. Indeed there are several options to get an awesome website> and it depends on your budget and how much you want to do yourself or use a designer. If you for example open a Bluehost as hosting company you have several tools that will help you in a very user friendly way to build your own website. WordPress is not only very popular and thanks to many templates very good to make the shop tailormade, you can also it for free. If you build your website, make sure you think from the point of view of the visitor who you have to convert to a client.


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