Month: February 2016

How to start your own hair product line

How to start your own hair product line Do you want to make people happier, give them what they like and what they need. If you have found your niche, that special product that makes women all over the world to come to look for your own hair product line, you are not only in business, you can stay in business because your will have loyal customers. How to start your own hair product line Okay, you are an experienced cosmetologist and you have found a great combination of hair from various donors, that is thé beauty solution for...

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i want to sell hair

If you check out the internet, you can see there are a lot of women with the same dream “ I want to sell hair” and who started long time ago, or only last month. Should this demotivate you to start your own hair business, to follow your dream or not? Read why you should go for your dream!

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How to become a hair weave distributor

An awesome way to get a nice position in the hair market, is to become a hair weave distributor. It will limit your initial investment in the launch of a hair extensions selling business. At the other hand you will have to work following the guide lines of the hair wholesale company so less freedom as a boss of your own.

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