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Freedom Couture Australia

Freedom Couture is founded by Francesca de Mori and the following quote on her website must inspire you too:

I started my business at 14 years old and never looked back… I was determined to be successful and an independent woman.”

This shows age is not important to start in this beautiful business, but determination to make a success out of it is.
You can learn from Francesca and see what strong points you can use to add to your marketing and sales toolkit and what you can do better for your target customers. Do not copy past a successful australian hair company like Freedom Couture, but add your personal style to it and grow!

Freedom Couture mission statement

On the website of Freedom Couture you can read “Our aim in the industry is not to make money, but to provide women with the quality of hair that feels,looks and sits exactly as if it were their own hair.
The fact Freedom Couture does not put their own gain at the first place is supported by the fact they want their Cambodian donors to make enough money to pay for education, health care and to support their families in general.
To share with your clients you are interested in making this world a better place, shows you are not in this business for the money only. Customers appreciate hair stores that are committed to help those who need our support.

Product offering

Freedom Couture has a salon in Perth Australia specialized in wefts and weaving and an online shop. In the online store she offers

  • Frontal lace wigs
  • Full lace wigs
  • Cambodian Virgin Remy Lace closure
  • Weave (straight, curly and wavy)
  • Hair products, like shampoo, conditioners and spray
  • Customized wigs

Special Australian hair offer


The pricing seems to be okay, but Freedom Couture tends to be at the higher end of the market. Based upon quite a number of reviews on Youtube, and Facebook there seems to be a number of people disappointed with the hair they bought, but also a lot of happy customers.


Freedom Couture specializes in wefts and weaves, this helps her to offer her services at a higher margin, your clients will know what you offer is always the latest innovation in the market and that you are the best in it. This again is proof that it’s better not to sell everything to everybody. Here you can only compete on price, downwards that means. But if you focus helps you to improve your margin! Learn about growth hacking in an online course.
The products are not only offered in a beautiful box but the story shared by the founder, Francesca, gives it a very personal touch. She combines this with some Youtube videos about Freedom Couture. This support the visitors and customers to feel a connection with the firm.

Freedom couture also emphasizes on the way they source the hair, this helps again for trust and connection to the product.
So share what you know about the origin of the hair, no need to tell your clients exactly where you originate the hair if you offer your own hair extensions line.

Customer focus

Freedom couture has a special page on the return policy, and what’s very good they do not start to put in capitals all sales are final, but:

“ We will agree to exchange any purchased product for another product of an equal value or offer store credit if the product is returned within 72 hours after the recorded receipt of the item and in original condition with uncut lace”
Imagine how a potential clients perceives this opening, it’;s a positive opening, we will agree”. And of course there are some restrictions, you do not want to return hair that has been worn by a client for some time and badly maintained.


Many online hair extensions stores want the client to pay before they ship the hair. Of course you do not want to run the risk you do ship the hair, but the client is not paying. A good thing is to reduce the days it takes before the hair extensions are delivered at the clienst home address,
Freedom Couture is able to ship, even abroad, in two or three days. If you surprise your clients with a swift delivery and perhaps even over deliver, this is a great marketing message they will share with their friends.

What do you think of Freedom Couture?

Now it’s up to you, do you have experience as a customer with Freedom Couture, or are you inspired by the story of Francesca de Mori, please share it with us.

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  1. I was so amazed and moved by your story and your beauty…however, I’m a salon owner/hairstylist…and should be expanding the skills I’ve learned as a cosmetologist, but, unfortunately am not…due to lack of motivation and drive, I’m thinking… And I love how you pointed out that you learned extensively and utilize what you have learned, as well…I cannot say the same about myself and wish I could! Wow! Furthermore, my business is totally shut down due to the loss of revenue and high bills….and beautifying women is really my passion…like yourself, I started as a teenager am now 41 with not much to show for my years invested, so I thought of selling virgin hair as a way of reinventing myself and business before I call it quits for good…so I’m reaching out for your help in this arena…Thank you, soooo very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to all of us…

    • Dear LaChonda,
      Thank you so much for your honest comment, I read knowledge, passion and experience, but also some disappointment. I am really sorry, as you have everything one needs to start a hair business.

      I would love to support you to regain your confidence, as I see it you still have a number of possibilities. If you are interested we can have a Skype call, you only have to use the blue button (contact me) on the website.

      Looking forward to speak to you, Kind regards, Stefan.

  2. I was honestly thinking about purchasing hair from her I just see wonderful amazing work in her pictures but there are so people that make you think because they are complaining about their products and comparing it to supply store hair with your honest opinion is it worth the buy is the hype the same as her pictures


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