Month: July 2016

I love my job, and you?

I have contacts with women in nearly all time zones and we talk about dreams, plans and stories about the hair business, their personal situation and what drives them. Just a day that started in China with Lydia, during lunchtime I talked with Einna in Ireland and I ended my day in the middle of the night with Shavon in the USA. I love my job and you?

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Are you happy with your hair extensions sales?

Are you happy with your hair extensions sales? This question, are you happy with your hair extensions sales, I asked the last 4 years too many of the entrepreneurs in the hair extensions business. You know what answer I hear most? … No. Read in this post what you can do about it and deserve more information if you leave a comment. Deal ?

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See how easy it is to be different in Beauty and Hair Care

The beauty and hair care market is a market dominated by cultural factors. Too long marketers’ have under estimated these cultural factors in the beauty and hair care industry. Not in the least because it’s not easy if you are not connected to multi-cultural communities. This is the point where you can benefit from, because if you have a specific ethnic background, you understand your own cultural background, habits and emotions the best.

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