Month: August 2016

Make money with hair extensions blogs

Passionate about hair? Make money with hair extensions blogs   This morning in Church I learned one has to be humble in life. If you are invited on a party, it’s better to take the least comfortable seat instead of the chair next to the host. True, but I see too many times the opposite happens. People who have something to tell, do not even show up on the party! And that’s a waist of talent and energy! Weekly I read at least 20 to 30 emails or I have the same amount of Skype calls. Mails or calls from...

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How to start a weave business for the LGBT community

Your hair sales lack behind, despite all marketing effort. How to start a weave business that grows again?
You can look for new opportunities, enter new markets. Many hair stores and salons focus on women only, but business opportunities can only be found if you take another junction. Look for another audience, another market to start selling hair.

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