Month: September 2016

Dijunhair Chinese Hair Suppliers

All about Chinese Hair Suppliers Dijun hair It all started in Heze (菏澤;) an attractive area in China, famous for its flowers, the Peony. A century ago the Peony was the national flower of China, the “king of flowers”, symbolizing honour, wealth, and aristocracy, as well as love, affection and feminine beauty. A place with so much love, affection and beauty can only be the source of other gorgeous things, like… human hair extensions. It’s for that reason, more than a decade ago Dijun Hair founded their factory in Heze. This area is also the biggest human hair production...

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ZaziWigmart hair blog Ghana

Imoh wanted to connect with her ideal clients. She was looking how to share more with her 5k+ followers on Facebook. Last month she started a hair blog for Ghana. And she received her first comments already from Naomi and Eunice. Thanks girls!

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