Start selling hair extensions with no stock

You deserve a chance to start selling hair extensions, also if you have a low budget. Why? Because I believe the world will only be a better place if everybody gets an opportunity to become financially independent. So I want to give you the possibility to start selling hair extensions with no stock.

If you have passion for hair, if you feel love for making others look and feel good, I want to help you. Not only to make enough money to become financially independent, but also because happy clients are happy people. And today more than ever we need happy people on this planet, at least that is what I feel. If you agree continue reading.

start selling hair extensions with no stock
So what’s my plan?

I need 50 women or men who seriously wants to start selling hair extensions with no stock, but do not know where to get the funds to start the business from. With one main condition, your objective has to be to make others feel confident by selling them your hair. So no gold diggers who want to sell once and leave the market. I want people with their heart at the right place and who want to be in this game for a long time.
These 50 can become distributor of hair extensions and want to start selling hair extensions with no stock. You will not only get access to hair but also support on marketing and sales.
Currently I’m talking to a number of hair suppliers who showed interest to join and support you. Support on marketing, sales training and hair extensions and wigs of course.

What do you have to do?

Can you build a network of women looking for hair in your neighbourhood? Do you want to turn them into your clients? Do you want to become a reliable hair extensions seller for your clients, just let me know. Share a comment below this post or mail me 

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Fair distribution of distributors

Some areas have a large number of people who want to become a distributor. I do not rule out I have to disappoint some people in case for a specific area the concentration of distributors is too high. I want everybody to have a fair opportunity to start and grow and not to compete with other distributors.

Rules of the game

I mentioned before, I only believe this will with people who want to create a loyal client base. A client base of people who prefer to keep on buying from their hair store, only because you make them feel awesome and look gorgeous.
There is only room for a limited number of people for phase one. I want to avoid people will sign up but not get actively involved. This will reduce the opportunities for people who want to make serious start in becoming a hair distributor and that’s not fair.

Therefore, I would like to receive your written motivation why you want to sell hair and to know if you would be willing to sign up for a monthly empowerment contribution? A small contribution that will ensure only active members will apply and that will give you access to marketing and sales support.

You want to sell hair extensions without stock?

If you want to become a hair distributor and start selling hair extensions without your money invested in stock, all you need to do is to foll0w the next steps:


leave your comment below this post, to let me and the rest of the world know why you want to start selling hair and why you want to become a member of the team


2 Schedule a call using the button below this post



3 Now a screen will open to schedule the appointment! I work in the Amsterdam time zone, but I hardly sleep anymore so feel free to schedule a call at the time that is best for you!

  1. how-to-sell-hair-extensions-vcita-appointment



4. After you selected the best option for you, you can leave your contact details in a special screen.




Make sure to select your own country if that’s not The Netherlands and fill in your Skype name to have a free and convenient way of communication. Leave any note you want to share some info on how you want to start as distributor.

5. Arrange for the transfer of the fee

I receive many requests of appointments of people who do want to start selling hair extensions with no stock, but do not show up at the moment of the call. This limits the possibility for others to schedule a call and that’s a waist. I had to introduce a 5 dollar fee (valid today but can change any day depending on the number of requests) , but you will also get the eBook “From Dream to Your Own Hair Extensions Business, in only 10 days” for free to compensate you for the payment. Normally I offer the eBook for $10.00 so you will have your first gain.

If I receive no payment I assume you prefer not to benefit this time of the opportunity to start selling without inventory.


6 The next step will be the screen of PayPal to transfer the 5 dollar . If you do not have PayPal please contact me to figure out another ways to pay.

You’ll receive an confirmation email and we will have a Skype call on the moment you selected.

What’s in it for you?

The best way to make sure you get the most out of the call and the distribution model is to prepare yourself. How can a model work for you, what kind of hair, textures and lengths you want to offer, what margin you prefer to earn etc.

If you want to join the team and start selling hair extensions with no stock, you can sign up for the special newsletter, and you will be informed about the offers and the distribution model. The aim is to start with the distribution model this quarter, so you can benefit from the end of year sales season.

So, if you want to:

  • keep your money in your pocket, but still sell hair
  • grow your own hair business, even if you do not have the money to invest
  • become financially independent, with your passion and love for hair as your main investment
  • make others look and feel good, and be flexible to offer them always the best hair
  • be your own boss, but get all support you need

This plan is for you!

Are you ready to start selling hair extensions with no stock and do you want to join a distribution model that fits with your needs ? Let me know your motivation and schedule a call!