Make More Profit, Selling Hair Abroad as Chinese Hair Supplier

Why Hi Friend kills the deal!
为什么朋友,你好的开头 让交易泡汤?

Every week a store selling hair in the United Kingdom receives at least 10 emails from Chinese Hair Suppliers. All the emails come from people and companies they never heard of before. Most of these mails start with “Hi Friend”! The hair store need another hair supplier and they prefer Chinese Hair. But the reader considers the tone of theses mails as unappropriated. A clear lack of understanding of the western culture. Many perceive to call them your friend at the first contact as unpleasant. You can offer the best hair at the best price, but you will never be able selling hair to somebody you offended.


Another true-life story
Sheila, a hair reseller based in Atlanta, needs a high-quality hair supplier. Sheila searches the internet for hair suppliers. She finds a Chinese company, let’s say Beijing Hair with the hair she is looking for. A perfect match, she loves selling hair from this company. She mails the company, to experience the communication skills. And to get more insight in how this new company operates. In return she receives an email written in poor English and not answering her questions at all. The Chinese company is only interested in the lengths and texture of the hair she needs. It is clear they only want her to place the order. They only want selling hair. Nothing that refers to her questions, nothing that shows interest in her position. Now Sheila is disappointed and frustrated. She decides to look for again another supplier and to forget this hair supplier.


Shelia ,来自亚特兰大的假发代理商,需要高质量的头发供应商。Shelia 在网上寻找头发供应商。她找到了一个中国公司,比方说北京假发公司有shelia 要找的假发,她想卖这家的假发。她发邮件到这家公司,想体验业务的交流技巧,并且从交流中能了解这家新的供应商是怎么运作的。反过来她收到的是很蹩脚的书面英文邮件并且完全没有回答她的问题。这家公司只对她要的假发长度和曲度感兴趣,非常明显只想让她下单,并没有站在她的立场上去考虑,此刻sheila 很失望。他决定重新再找另外一家供应商忘掉之前的假发供应商

Two examples you can learn from to do better than the competition and to make more money selling hair.
Price opportunity selling hair abroad 卖假发到国外价格优势
In the United States and Europa women pay 3 to 5 times the wholesale price for a bundle of hair. All they want is to trust the source of the hair before they buy. If you want to get your fair share of the market and to make more profit, all you need to do is to invest in trust. You will see the impact in your higher sales!
美国和欧洲的女士需要付3-5 倍的批发价格买1条假发,在她们购买之前需要对头发的来源信任,如果你想得到公平的假发市场份额和赚更多的利润,你所需要做的就是投资信任。并且你可以看到更多销售的影响。
Selling hair outside China thanks to our experience 多亏了我们的经验卖假发到国外

Over 5 years HowToSellHairExtensions is supporting businesses in the hair industry. We have a free Blog, different Business Plans and Coaching, website design and many more services. Our clients operate in the United States, Europe, Africa and China. We work in a multi-cultural business environment and understand and communicate in many languages. This opens doors to hair resellers and stylists in all continents and many countries.
HowToSellHairExtensions 致力于假发产业5年多,我们有免费的博客,不同的商业计划指导,网站设计和其他的服务。我们的顾客遍布美国,欧洲,非洲,中国。我们处在多文化的商务环境并且能用多种语言交流,这就为各大洲和各个国家的假发中间上和发型师提供了平台

The western style of marketing and website design is to connect with your clients. Share information on website and social media, educate your client. A well-informed client appreciates your services. Now this client is willing to buy from you, because they trust you. They feel you are client focused.

Successful wholesale suppliers increase their profit by investing in a relationship with their clients. Difficult to know what is the interest of your clients in Europe or the United States? We understand the culture and needs of your clients. We support them to start and grow their hair business and to find good quality hair. We write the content your target audience searches on the internet. Write all your sales and marketing communication to enchant your target audience. Do not annoy them. Use Content Marketing to publish content about the content your ideal client is interested in at the time they are interested!
成功的供应商会通过投资建立起和客户的良好互动,很难知道欧美客户对什么感兴趣? 我们了解客户的文化和需求。我们为他们的业务起步和发展提供支持,并且提供支持帮他们找供应商。我们会写你的目标客户的内容,写销售和营销交流来吸引你的目标客户是,并且不会让他们觉得不舒服或者不合适。利用内容营销来发布你理想的客户感兴趣的帖子来吸引客户

Connect with potential buyers in the stage before they are ready to buy but only need information. Start to build confidence long before the competition even knows about the client. Your potential client will find you and your product offering again when they are ready to buy. Because you have built a good relationship already and you are a trusted supplier. Your sales will be more successful than the competition.
Make more money month after month
Do you want to make more money? Month after month with your client in the centre. Contact me and we can work out a marketing plan to boost your sales.

你希望数月之后赚更多的利润吗? 几个月之后以你的客户为中心,赶紧联系我们,我们会为你量身定制营销计划来提高你的销量