Where to get the hair extensions at a good and competitive price

After you signed up for my free newsletter about the hair extensions business, I like to ask you a question. Many of you do take the time to let me know where they struggle with starting a hair store or running a business. When I receive a response, I commit myself to respond if possible the same day.
This week one of the questions was “Where to get the hair extensions at a good and competitive price?”.

How to know what is a good and competitive price?

This question has two elements:

it’s about the hair extensions, and

the price.

These two are related, because most people do not want bad quality hair extensions and cheap. Even if you want to help clients with smaller wallets, you always look for the hair extensions with the best quality.
To answer the question for the good and competitive price, you need to analyse two places of the market. First you must talk with your ideal client. This is the client you want to service with your hair and hair products. Only she can tell you what a good price is. Always in relation with the quality of course. Meet your ideal client in the mall, at places where she likes to be, could also be the city, a fitness centre or even the Spa. Tell her you want to bring the best hair on the market for her and she will share all her wishes and ideas. Believe me, people like if somebody is interested in them.

Spy on other hair stores

To know if the price is competitive you need to start to check on the competition. The other hair stores in town or on the internet. It’s not easy to compare hair online, because you do not feel and compare the hair. But you will have an idea about the retail prices of hair, the special offers they have and other conditions. Shipping or Payment, but also the refund or return policy.

From this moment, you have one side of the story. You know what your ideal client likes and what the price should be to be interesting enough for buyers in your market.

Next step is you should look for the hair extensions suppliers with this hair, the hair extensions your ideal client is looking for both in terms of quality and price.
You can start a search on the internet, or by going to all wholesale suppliers you can visit, or travel abroad. This will take time and money for traveling.

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