Grow your hair business faster sell more than $ 4,000 a month

“i recently just started with this hair business and i think I am struggling mostly with marketing my business and growing it into something bigger. I feel that it is not growing fast enough. I am in a process of setting up a website in hopes that that will help that business get bigger so some tips would be great.”

This question I received by email from a hair store owner in South Africa, and I must tell you, this is not the first time I receive this question.

Set Goals

As business owner, it is very important to set goals. Goals that define when and how much you want to achieve your targets. When is about the time, this year or 4 hours a day. How much can be about the money you want to earn, or the number of visitors to your website.
My first response, after I get the question, is how fast you planned to grow your hair business?
What was your goal and how did you think you would achieve this goal?
Suppose as an example, you want to sell $ 200 a day, or $ 4,000 a month. This can be a great goal.
But there is a calculation behind this sales projection. This $ 4,000 can be 10 clients buying for $400 hair, or 20 clients with an average order size of $ 200. You can even get one level deeper and predict the kind of items. Brazilian, front closures, etc.

grow your hair business

How many clients did you plan?

Let’s start with the first level of the calculation, the number of clients and average order size.
I assume you have set your Ideal Client. The person you want to engage with so they will buy your hair. Let’s say, this Ideal Client is used to buy hair at an average expense of $ 200.
Now check the following:
Do you have all the hair in stock? If your client orders but you do not have the hair in stock, you will not make your $ 4,000. Work on a plan to have enough hair in stock, or schedule a call or WhatsApp with any client who orders hair you not have in stock. Explain what happens and tell them you will re-stock soon. Tell them they will not only get a notification, you also offer a discount on their next order. And sign them up for your newsletter.

How many visitors do you need for one client? If you are selling hair, you will see in your analytical tools many people might visit your site, but only few buy the hair. Calculate monthly how many visitors you get on your site and how many clients order hair. This will tell you the average number of visitors you need for one sale. For example, if you have 2,000 visitors a month and 10 clients in a month, you know you need 200 visitors more to get one extra client and to grow your hair business faster.

Do you clients purchase for less than $ 200 as foreseen? Try to optimize the buying experience with some cross or up selling. Free shipping for all orders above the $ 200. Or offer a 10% discount for the next order for every order above $ 200. I am sure you can find more attractive options. Make sure to use a clear call to action, a big yellow button that offers free shipping for orders above $ 200 up if they have $180 in their shopping cart.

Now you can see exactly where you must focus on.
Do you get too little clients in? Work on your content to get more relevant visitors.
Or if your average sales is too low, go for interesting cross selling offers with the interest of the client in mind.

You want to know what products to sell to grow faster!

You can dive more into the business by going one level deeper, the kind of items you sell. If you want me to write and publish a new post about how you can grow your hair business faster with the right products, just leave a comment under this post.