What’s your favourite key combination on your key board? Alt-ESc-Delete or Ctrl-Z.?
For me the last combination is the absolute number one. Bill Gates’s gift from heaven, after I make a mistake. A typo? I erased an excellent sentence? Or I deleted an email from a customer, I always use Ctrl Z, and undo my last action! How about you?

Can you undo actions in real life?

How awesome would it be to have this same option in Real Life?
This option would make our world a so much better place, if available in real life too.
Think of:

  • Wrong remark to your mum or your best friend, undo
  • Quarrel with your partner and you do not know how to end it any more, undo
  • Woke up too late and now you will miss your first meeting of the day, undo
  • Made a mistake ordering wholesale hair, undo.

How about that!

Imagine how your days will look like, with this undo option in your pocket or purse? Wouldn’t the world be a much better place? I bet there are voters in some countries who now wish they could undo their vote or latest tweet.
However, this seems a feature that is not available for all of us. But that doesn’t mean it is not possible to mitigate the consequence of your latest action. It does require some more work than only to press ctrl-z, but it’s worth it. I can tell you.

Think relational and not transactional

The best way to be able to start all over, or to undo the consequences of your last, not intended, action is to invest in the relationship. Do not think transactional, do not see your clients or suppliers as the opponent. Do not only think on how you can maximize your own profit. Better to invest in the long term. Put the mutual benefit of the relation first and confirm this every time again.
Do not only contact your client when you have an offer to sell, but also to check on how they are doing. Invest in the personal relation with the sales woman or man from your hair supplier. We are human beings, we are social animals, so use this in the relation with your environment.

Ordering Wholesale

I see a growing number of wholesale suppliers, who do not want to close anonymous deals using Alibaba but prefer to build a long-term investment with their clients.
If the client has been ordering wholesale hair and it does not meet the expectations, or the shipment is seized by customs. These sales people who invest in long term relations because they understand they should look for a mutual solution.
It works both ways, if you ask for the pricelist of a wholesale suppliers only this will not help you to create a good relationship with them. A relationship you need so bad to get the best hair, every time you order at the best price. It will also help you to have a wholesale supplier who will think of the mutual benefit in case something went wrong. Follow each other on social media, for example. This will make the process ordering wholesale much smoother and at a much lower risk of disappointing.
Because good hair can make or break your relation, my advice to think relational with your clients and suppliers.

Tell me

Tell me, would you like to have wholesale hair suppliers that go for the long term to supply you with the best hair, or you prefer to buy transactional on platforms like Alibaba?