Month: April 2017

The 2017 tax reform for economic growth and jobs to make America great again

President Trump presented his campaign promise to fill to grow jobs, with a big cut for corporate tax rates and a simplification for individuals. This biggest reform in US history fits on one single sheet paper. The details will follow later, but please read the main principles. The number of tax brackets will be only to three brackets: 10 percent, 25 percent and 35 percent. The previous top tax bracket was 39.6 percent, thus a reduction. A married couple will see the standard deduction doubled to $24,000. This change also means more couples will no longer need to itemize...

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I want to start my own hair business

One day you wake up and say, “ I want to start my own hair business ” how can I start? That moment, you feel the passion of starting something new. Every fresh idea energizes the human mind and that gives you a great boost. You feel happy. The creative part of your brain functions at top speed. You will produce one idea after the other. Nothing can stop you from thinking about that great dream you had “ I want to start my own hair business ” Nothing? The next thing is to start to search the internet...

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You want to do more, stop multitasking

Okay, women are superior to men because they are great in multitasking. You can outperform yourself if a few hours a week you forget your multitasking capacity skills and go to single-tasking mode. Why multitasking? You can call a client, watch the webcam in your toddler’s room and answer the questions your assistant was thinking of asking you. All at the same time. That’s multitasking in optima forma. But does this bring you the highest level of quality? Probably not. Try this new strategy for one month and share with me the results. Try Single-tasking To grow your business,...

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How to find small business ideas to sell hair

Money is important for a lot of things. Before you look for cash it is better to work on your small business ideas first. Work on a small business at low cost right from the start. By doing so, you will keep your enthusiasm and you can start selling hair very fast. Let me guide you to find small business ideas for selling hair or the beauty industry. New Product or Service Development Your business will only succeed if you have a new product or service your market needs. Only companies like Apple create products nobody needed, until brought...

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