Just before I go to church, I felt I had to write about my never-ending source of inspiration. It’s amazing how the Lord finds the time and words to inspire me, every single day of the week. To thank Him for this I love to visit the church every Sunday and to say a big Thank you.

Before in my daily life I used to run, push and hurry to get things done, and I always thought I am the one making these things happen. Only when I felt the tough gets going I could find the time to pray and to look for support from the Lord.

But that’s too easy, that’s not fair because let’s be honest, it’s not me but the Lord who makes everything possible I achieve and even if I fail. It’s not only the lord who uses a bright light to start our days. It’s also the Lord who makes it rain great ideas when you want to start selling hair extensions, or your own beauty salon, or any other great plan to make the world a better place.

I am happy I can use this small piece of the world to share my thankfulness for all the support I receive and I pray you too will find support today or later this week when you are ready to start to make your dreams come true.

Have a nice Sunday