Creating a catchy company name for a new business is necessary and fun. People will use the name to talk about your business, so make sure it’s a catchy company name. There are several options to think about, as a start of a catchy company name.

Your own name as the name of your hair store

It can make sense to use your own name as a company name. At least I am sure it will be a catchy name! This is especially the case if you are already well known in your area because people know you are selling hair.

Many times, people choose their own name as a company name because it is the first and easiest solution that comes to mind. What people often do not realize is that this is one of many options.

If you use your own name, please make sure you check there is no other hair store that targets your Ideal clients too with the same name. Or avoid violating any existing name or trademark rights.

Fantasy names as catchy company name selling hair

If you are starting your own hair business you might start to look for an expressive, exclusive and catchy company name that stands out and sends a message. The last year I have seen quite some funny names. I used some in the table with 100+ examples of catchy company names.

100+ hair company names

The sky is the limit when it comes to fantasy names. I recommend letting your imagination go at this point of the preparation of your hair business.

There are many ways to find an original name that draws attention.
With the right idea, the name of your company alone can already serve as a great advertisement for your business.

How do you come up with original names and ideas for your company?

It is helpful to start by looking for keywords that sound good before starting to combine and alter them. Do not forget to check on Google what kind of keywords your clients are using. If your potential clients are using the same search terms as in your company name, the faster they will not only locate you, they will also buy more hair from your brand-new hair store.

Investigate potential company names

No matter what kind of name you choose: in-depth online research, as well as a Domain Check and Trademark Check are required to avoid taking any unnecessary risks with the law. This applies even more for fantasy names than when you choose your own name as a business name. For a quick check, enter your desired name into an internet search engine in at least one variation.

If the internet search does not reveal any direct competitors with your name however, then it is best to continue with the Domain Check: are many domains with this name already taken by someone else? If this is the case, are these people competitors or someone who happens to have decided on the same name from a different branch of trade?

The fastest way to find this out is with the free, speedy Domain Check in the blue box below.

It can find out many domain extensions and their occupancy for your name with one single click at once. If the name is not available anymore, it will show many alternatives.
Furthermore, you can search in online directories like Yellow Pages. When the domain check is done, all that is left to do is to check whether your choice or a similar name is already registered as a trademark.

Find your catchy company name now and start selling hair!