Nose Hair Extensions, the latest beauty trend if you can believe the news agencies. Or are we dealing with fake news here?

Hair Extensions resellers are in a constant drive to look for new products, bonding methods and services to grow their business.
Some years ago, it was taboo to talk about hair extensions for men. But today men have a growing number of hair stores to take care of them.

The last weeks, the word is out Nose Hair Extensions, or nostril hair extensions, are going to make it.

Instagrammer @Gret_Chen_chen posted a photo of herself with eyelash extensions in her nose. Against expectations, these nose Hair Extensions inspired others. Many headlines on beauty and pop culture websites were talking nose hair!

GretChenChen told POPSUGAR “I just feel it’s boring to have hair extensions on a normal place”. Okay, but who could have thought about the nose.

If you are a hair reseller, looking for new trends and you want to be the one stop hair shop for your clients, consider promoting “Nose Hair Extensions”. If your Ideal client is less interested to install the nostril hair extensions on her first date or to the wedding of her best friend. Halloween offers a great excuse to show the world you have a good nose for beauty trends!

If nobody wants to wear them in Real Life, the online world offers enough possibilities. Instead of the funny bunny on snapchat, you can show the nose extensions on!

Now tell me, are you going to install Nose Hair Extensions?

I just feel it’s boring to have hair extensions on a normal place Gret_Chen_Chen

Nose Hair Extensions