It’s not every week I meet a person that makes me rethink if I am doing the right thing. But I started to doubt after I received an message from Harriet last week. She is the ambitious entrepreneur behind OwnitHair.

Harriet is ready for the next step and was looking for ways to let her hair store keep in pace with the growth of her clients. OwnitHair is different from most other online hairstores.


The product offering, for example, is not limited to hair extensions. OwnitHair offers also eye lashes and hair and beauty products. For example a wide range of Marrocan Argan Oil. The combination of hair extensions with other beauty products, was the right decision as the sales figures showed.

Harriet asked me to help her to re-design the current website and I look forward to this awesome project. We will start with the ideal client, the people OwnitHair wants to solve all hair and beauty problems for. The usage and likes of the current website helps us to come with re-design a website that will support the further growth.

It is inspiring to work with a women full of passion for her hair and clients. Harriet can no wait to take her business to the next level.

OwnitHair goes for Low Carbon Footprint

As a proof Harriet is thinking one step ahead, she had chosen GreenGeeks as hosting provider. An Environmentally Responsible Web Hosting Provider. Or in plain English. This hosting provider, next to awesome services like webhosting, dedicated servers and a website builder, has one of the lowest Carbon footprints of the business. Not important? Last week I learned “By 2020, the Web Hosting industry will surpass the Airline industry in Environmental Pollution!” A very good reason to go green for your hosting company. Like Harriet did with OwnitHair.

Now the hosting is a good green fingers, we can focus on the hair and beauty business of OwnitHair. Keep an eye on the site, because while we work on the website and service offering, the business must go on!