In the first 13 hours of this Saturday online sales on Single Day already surpassed the 2017 record of 17 billion dollars. This sales event with discounts has been launched in 2009 by Alibaba and since than showed record breaking sales. The first 2 minutes after opening, already 1 billion dollars was bought from all the retailers. Singles Day has for years racked up more sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.
More and more international companies join the Alibaba platform to benefit from Single Days selling circus. While Singles Day still mostly targets Chinese consumers, the word is out in other countries.

Black Friday sales prediction

This year Black Friday sales will be a complete madhouse if you believe the experts. The success of the online sales in China on Singles day, will have a positive impact on the end of year sales in the rest of the world.
Instead of watching this on the side-line, better to prepare your online sales and even off-line sales outlet to the max.

– Start informing in time your clientele you about the discount you will offer
– Put extra effort in growing your email listing
– Make sure you have enough stock to keep customers happy
– Buy more stock to get extra discount from the supplier
– any leftover stock, but that will not happen, you can use to have a Welcome 2018 offer
– Check the banners on your website
– Make sure all your online prices are correct
– Mobilize friends and family to help you to ship the hair and beauty products

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