A new year! How to grow your business next year? You are looking for Hair Salon business ideas to grow your business further next year?

All over the world an interesting generation is spotted by Marketers, the Baby Boomers. This generation encompasses people between 53 and 71. This generation is wealthy, they earn 70% of the total income and are rather tech-savvy. They’ve worked hard all their lives for all they have. They’re healthier and more active than their parents were at the same age, and they’re all about themselves. It’s a big group of potential clients, 4 out of 10 people form the Baby Boom segment.

How to contact Baby Boomers Online?

96% of baby boomers use search engines to find what they are shopping for. A strong content marketing strategy can help to enjoy this behaviour.

95% use email, offer a newsletter to keep them connected with your brand. And

very important, 9 out of 10 shop for products and services online rather than shopping in stores and shopping malls.

This group wants to have as much freedom as possible while maintaining their dignity. They are an interesting audience, with a growing hair loss problem. They like to look great regardless their age and are ready and capable to buy beauty products.

Okay, this gives you a potential client group that will grow substantially the next years, is very me-focused and has a high level of disposable income and time.

Many women in this group are newly single and seeking for a new relationship. This group of women is very interested to look and feel good. Again, a good reason to target this group.

You are old, so we do not serve you?

I would not recommend you adding Baby Boomers to your Hair Salon business ideas list if you feel you can’ t deal with old people. Or if you feel there is no sale to close with elderly clients because it will take too long.

But please do not forget, this group of potential clients spends a fortune on hair, beauty products and anti-aging treatments and body. Isn’t it worth to give it a try?

How to target older clients?

This would be a new Ideal Client for you. Talk with some women in the Baby Boom segment about their needs. How they look for information to solve their needs, the demographic situation etc. . Think of:

What does she wear?

How does she spend her leisure time?

What are her favourite hair or beauty treatments?

Where does she shop?

When does she visit your salon?

And, most important, what are her hair or beauty concerns?

The marketing message shouldn’t be patronising or demeaning, and avoid to market silver-haired grannies or any sign they arrived in their final stage. Better, as your core business, build their self-confidence and their trust when you share your vision of what your products can do for them.

This Ideal Client is looking for and expects quality from hair and beauty treatments, products and customer service. They have no reservations about shopping around for the right salon or hair store. With their persistence on looking and feeling their best, settling for second best isn’t an option. And given the size of their wallets, they can afford the best.

Encourage trial:

More brand loyal than younger clients, they are even so, more than happy to experiment when given the opportunity. Capitalise on this with salon offers to encourage trial rather than giving discounts.


Get them experimenting and make the most of their ‘me-focus’. A complimentary promotion when they book a facial doesn’t cost you much, but will open their eyes to some other beauty offerings you have.

Fill quiet days:

The ladies-who-lunch set with time on their hands can fill your quieter days early in the week. This is the occasion to offer a discount.

TIP: This group likes to take a friend with them to enjoy a beauty treatment of when shopping. Consider offering special bring a friend offers.

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