Getting more visitors to your hair store is not that difficult and all you need is to be yourself.

Let’s think back of the good old days when you were still at College, who was the most popular girl? The one who knew everybody (and everybody knew her) and who always had something to say. And because everybody knew her, it was easy to find her. And because everybody liked what she talked about, people talked about her.

That’s simple and make sense, right?

This simple rule is also the one Google, Bing and other search engines use to determine what website page they should bring under your attention. For example when you look for “The best Hair salon of Tennessee”. Who knows about this webpage and what is this webpage telling us that is interesting to know.

Make this work on Google

Getting more visitors to your hair store only requires you to translate this logic into a strategy. A strategy for designing, writing and publishing your website. Or better the website pages.

Let’s take a deep dive into this. Do not worry, I will not get technical with you. But our most popular girl of College had many contacts, people who knew her, or she knew. These are the relations, or in search engines language, backlinks. The more links between your page and the rest of the internet world, the higher Google will rank you. All because you are more popular. And what is liked by many, will be interesting for a lot of other people.

To make this work in your effort of getting more visitors to your hair store you need to reach out. Write a blog post about another product or event. Inform this company about your post and big chance they will mention you too, or add your blog post on their corporate web. The good thing is you are not only talking about your bundle deals. This could be rather boring for your website visitors. But you give high quality information to your audience. They will like that and come back for more.

So, add in your blog post third parties and inform them. Simple using social media, or if you know them share your blog post by email. Ask them for their comments and if they like it, if they are willing to add a link to your blog post on their website. Be sure the post is positive and not biased. Honesty and politeness, brings you higher in the Google rankings.

To know a lot of people is one, but to be popular you need to talk a lot. But not only talking. Share interesting stuff, be original and entertaining.

Tell the world about what they should know:
The latest hair trends,
maintenance instructions,
background stories how you get the hair and
other stuff your ideal client is looking for.

Remember, only talking about your bundle deals, will not help getting more visitors to your hair store. Communicate about everything your ideal client has interest in. Your ideal client are all those persons in the market who might be interested in the hair and services you offer.

Mix the information you share, be informative, share a quote from a famous beauty person or celebrity. Very important is to be original. Do not copy paste a message you found somewhere else on the internet. Better to add value, something new, for your audience.

The combination of these two methods will help you over time to rank higher on Google. Do not expect miracles overnight, unless you hit the jackpot with very original content. Use a calendar to plan your postings and special webpages. Develop a routine to write and publish your content. Communicate with your audience, and take note of their needs, and struggles. This will give you inspiration to write a next article or special webpage.

All this effort will help you getting more visitors to your hair store. The growth of the number of visitors, combined with the right hair and offers will increase your sales.

What do you think, can you make this work? Leave a comment for help or more explanation.