Save money and time and start your own shop today!

We love to help you to start your own hair business. You selected the right business because the hair extensions business is still growing and you can talk with a lot of people about hair all day long! And of course earn some nice money in the meantime.

Start Your Own Hair Extensions Shop

Start Your Own Hair Extensions Shop

But as the competition is strong and growing also, you need to be different! Learn how to put your hair extensions for sale and how to beat the competition! Why wait before others take your clients?

Open your own hair extensions store

Open your own hair extensions store

All transactions go through PayPal, this gives you buyers protection. If you do not receive what you paid for, you get your money back. So zero risk for you. Because I only want to support a small number of start ups or hair stores that want to grow faster, the offer for our Business plan template including free promotion and 30 minutes of business advise is limited in time. If you prefer to start next year, better not to sign up now! Sometimes it’s lonely at the top, being your own boss does not mean you are in this all by yourself. If you sales are down and you need to talk and get inspired again, if you want to set up a newsletter or blog to attract more clients, if you want to talk to somebody who deals with many hair re sellers like you every day, call me. For USD 30 for a 30 minutes call and you can call as many times as you want. If you prefer to have more time, you can opt for our tailor made business plan plus coach¬†with only 50% at the start, so you can start your business and the rest when the plan is ready. ¬† There are 4 ways to get support for your own business, check below the tools in each packet and get your copy now just by clicking on the yellow button of your choice:

eBook From Dream to Own Hair Business

Complete Guide
  • Name Your Price
  • Complete Guide
  • PayPal buyers protection
  • Business Plan PDF
  • eBook Website
  • Bonus Templates
  • Find Your Ideal Client

Hair Ext. Business Bundle Deal

All-in-one Package
  • Complete Guide
  • Business Plan Editable
  • 30 minutes Consult
  • Bonus Templates
  • Introduction Hair Supplier
  • Hair Samples
  • Word Business Plan template
  • Excel Calculation Sheets

Hair Extensions Business Coach

Personal Coach
  • Mentorship
  • No need to use all time at once
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Blog / Newsletter setup
  • Website support
  • any topic you prefer

Hair Business Plan with Coach

Tailor Made Plan
  • Complete Guide
  • Bonus Templates
  • Introduction Hair Supplier
  • 12 months promotion
  • Your Own Business Plan
  • PayPal Buyers Protection

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