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¨By the way, I ordered your ebook for how to start a hair extension business and I read all of it in one sitting. That is a GREAT piece of literature. I learned sooooooooo much, I appreciate you and your team for that!¨

Keenya E. (NC)

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Content Introduction:

  • You have a dream!
  • The capacity to listen
  • The Interview
  • From feedback to action
  • The Competitors
  • Define your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Your Product
  • Location, location, location
  • To predict the future
  • Open for business!

How to Make Money in a Business that´s Still Fun!

Every day women all over the world buy hair extensions, Straight, Wavy, Curly … just the hair extensions that makes them look the way like they should, beautiful. And now your side of the story, every day people are selling hair extensions, weft, clip in, feather… just the hair extensions that make their clients look best and why won´t you be the one selling?


  1. would love to have someone call me @ 330.734.9616…am very interested in starting a hairline at our church.
    Products and all….
    thank you! please leave me a number to call someone.

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for your comment. Like the idea too to start a hairline at the curch. Please use Skype to save your first money. Skype: HowToSellHairExtensions After you are added as a contact we’ll make an call appointment. Looking forward to speak to you

  2. I started my own hair business not so long ago, however, I am battling to get suppliers in South Africa or Abroad who can offer a good price, in assisting me to be able to beat my competitors prices. my clients are young individuals in corporate world and love style and beauty. most of them, are in the 18″ to 26″ bracket both curly and straight. I want to order in bulks of 30 to 50 bundles of 3 or 4 that would be ideal for my business. Please advise further

    Thank you

    • Hi Sima, thanks for your comment and email. The growing demand in Africa of human hair is suffering from the lack of Wholesale suppliers on the continent. Luckely more and more Wholesale suppliers, with a some of them their roots in Africa, are setting up businesses in some african countries. We have some of these companies in our portfolio. If you check our VIP service I would love to introduce you to some of them.

  3. Hello there,

    I am very interested in starting hair business. I have many questions such as , how do I start, how do I get clients, how much money does it take to start and etc. I don’t really do weave but I braid and I kinda have an idea of what type of hair I would like to work with. It will be very helpful if I could speak to a real person and hopefully this cite is not a scam.

    • Hi Abigail, thanks for sharing your ideas. Good you already have an idea of what kind of hair you would like to work with. Are you a licensed Cosmetologist?

      If you want you can speak to a real person, just leave your phone number or skype name and we arrange a call.

  4. I Dont have enough money to buy large quantities wholesale. Is it a good idea to order from wholesaler when get money from client then sale for retail? Its a longer turnaround time, but I don’t see any other way… Thoughts?

    • Hi Diana, thanks for sharing your question. You want to know how to buy hair without the need to buy large quantities of hair. If you have a good supplier and you are sure you can order and receive the hair in time, you could indeed use the money from your client to buy hair. But this will not give you wholesale conditions unless you can convince the wholesale supplier you will buy high quantities. And if your clients have to wait longer for the hair, after they paid you to need to compensate this by perhaps a lower selling price or other services.

      A better idea you can find in our post “How to have enough hair at hand but at the lowest level of stock ” we share what a smart purchasing policy is to have enough hair at hand so you never have to sell no but at the lowest expenses.

  5. I’m not a Buyer or a regular Saler but I’m the Head of Marketing of a 100% Human Hair Factory and your Article has make me more confident . Thank You Stefan !!!!!

    • Hi Clement, thanks for you kind words.

  6. Hi I’m look to start a hair extensions business in Northern Ireland but I’m finding it hard to find a good wholesale supplier any ideas?

    • Hi J, thanks for your question on how to start a hair extensions business in Northern Ireland. To find a good wholesale supplier you can start to define a search on google. Refine you search based upon the needs of your clients, what kind of hair are they looking for and what are the conditions they are willing to accept. Use this information to search for the hair suppliers. Now make a long list of suppliers using your first search and check the websites and social media platforms of these suppliers. How active are they, what do others write about them. If you have done this you can make a short list of hair suppliers. Now you can contact them and try their samples to discover how they handle their clients and the quality of the hair. Or try our VIP service to get suppliers in your inbox. Regards, Stefan

  7. Hi I want to start my own hair selling company if I could talk to a real person I have a few questions ? Or if I could get a number I can call that would be great thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment on our website and I would love to have a chat with you.

      You can reach us on skype (HowToSellHairExtensions) or by phone +3623444902 (also whatsapp).

      If you want to talk, because of possible timing differences please share a best time to talk in advance,

      Kind regards and looking forward to talk to you and to support you,

      Kind regards,


  8. I wish to start selling hair extension

    • Hi Bheka, welcome in the extensions business, I suggest you start to check what your clients are looking for, do they want cheap hair or can they afford more expensive hair. What are the conditions they are willing to accept, what is an acceptable time between payment and receiving the hair etc. Do not forget to visit the websites from the competition. You can learn so much from them. If you want to know how to start selling your hair, feel free to check our page with solutions.

  9. Hi , can you please give me advice on how to start this business. I’ve tried to reach out to you on whatsapp but the number isn’t valid.

  10. Hi Stefan

    I want to sell good quality hair , from the most expensive prices to least expensive price,but I want to set up a physical store for these purpose and I will need reliable suppliers of these hair types,because for the success of the store I should consistently deliver ,so I will need sufficient stock ,I therefore want to meet directly with the manufacturers ,should you provide me with the list I will be eternally grateful,and also assist with a professionally sound business plan to secure funding in South Africa.

  11. I bought the e book anf it expired before i can download can i get it resent?

    • Hi Jessica, no problem, The link for the eBook is in your inbox. Regards, Stefan

  12. Hi I am really serious about starting my own hair extension brand how to start off the ground any resources how much to to start the process

    • Hi Sapria, Good to hear you want to start your own hair extension brand. The resources you need to start depend on how you want to start. You can start as distributor with very little money or you can invest a lot in marketing and inventory. Please check the eBook for some suggestions and support on your business plan. Please let me know how you are doing!

  13. I’m interested in starting hair company business, please provide information to get started buying whole sale…thank you.

  14. Hi i really want to start a hair business but i dont have cash,i dont know wat to do pls help



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