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I would love to start selling hair

Last week I received an email from Marry, who wrote “I would love to start selling hair”. For me this is an awesome opening of an email, because it shows Marry has passion for making people look and feel good.
So good to love to start selling hair, but you need to know where to start. Too many times the love or passion to start selling hair fades away if the love is not answered. In other words, if no sales of hair extensions are made.

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I love my job, and you?

I have contacts with women in nearly all time zones and we talk about dreams, plans and stories about the hair business, their personal situation and what drives them. Just a day that started in China with Lydia, during lunchtime I talked with Einna in Ireland and I ended my day in the middle of the night with Shavon in the USA. I love my job and you?

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