Congratulations with your purchase, today you are one day closer to be the owner of a successful hair selling business!

Now you can start to work on your succesful hair selling business. Work with the eBooks or templates or perhaps your first samples. And start to check on the competition, what can you do better to attrect their clients? Start to meet potential clients and ask about their needs! You´ll see selling hair extensions is a beautiful and fun business.

How to open the files (iPad)?

Please if you can´t see the attachments try to use iTunes to open the files. If you use an iPad with Safari you need to activate the AdobePDFViewer plug-in. This is used to display PDF files in Safari using Acrobat and Reader. This plug-in is installed as part of the Acrobat X or Reader X installation. The location of this plug-in is:

/Library/Internet Plug-ins/AdobePDFViewer.plugin

The files are packed in a winzip file, you need to extract the files in order to read and modify them.

If you want to share the eBook with others, we would be honored but we would also appreciate if you refer them to our site so they can obtain their own copy. If you are interested please take note of our special program for those who refer the eBook (see ) and start earning money by selling our eBook and templates. Make up to 75% margin!

Oeps you do not have a name for your brand yet?

There is so much going on if you want to have a succesful hair business. But do not forget to think about the name of your shop or salon!  Register your domainname today and avoid others will use your name to grow their business!

You can key in as many as names as you want, just to check if your brand name is still avalaible and imagine how it will appear on your busines scards and packaging material!

Good luck and feel free to contact me by email  or the blue I can Help Button in the right corner, any time!


Stefan Franken