Marketing and a second hair extensions store all for free

Double your marketing effort and let the customer purchase her hair without any loss of time


We will tell your target audience you sell hair extensions

Sell your hair for free on your own special webpage

Free Marketing and Free second hair store

You are selling gorgeous hair extensions, you have a great marketing plan and you have an awesome online store so you open your doors and you wait for your clients to come and buy! You see and hear on social media and in the shopping mall, other shops succeed to expand their sales by opening more outlets, their sales are staggering, but what about you? Increase your marketing effort and make more people talk about your hair brand, if they just could see your hair and read your story, for sure they will buy to look and feel good. But a marketing campaign cost a lot of money, money you have to earn first!

Let me help you with free marketing!

With only TWO steps you get a marketing tool that will generate more people to talk about your hair brand and at the same time put your hair in front of these same people, so they can purchase your hair when they are ready for it, now! This is the solution for you as hair extensions shop owner to become the talk of the town and to sell more. It’s like you open your second store! From now you are the CEO of a hair extensions business with two outlets! This marketing tool doubles your business in one day! Every moment of the day, people search for your hair extensions store, through Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube because they want to look gorgeous and feel confident. With our marketing tool we will double your reach, because next to your own marketing messages, we will tell about you too! So not people will not look with only one eye to your marketing messages, but you get full focus! Marketing

What do you have to do?


Mail at least eight pictures

Your own pictures of your salon, store, hair, happy clients or before and after pictures. No pictures copied from the internet.

Write a story about your hair bizz

Your own pictures of your salon, store, hair, happy clients or before and after

How can clients reach you

Make a list of all the places people can find you, website, phone number, address, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Your hair extensions for sale

A very clear picture is required for every weft, bundle or pack you want to sell.

Be transparent about the hair

Mail a short description of the hair, texture, lengths, color, grade you sell

Avoid surprises

Write the shipment conditions (time to delivery, type of  provider) and extra charges

Keep it simple

Get the e-junkie platform and share the affiliate link so every sale will be automated and generates cash right away.

Customer focus

What is your refund and complaints policy?

Reviews and Samples

Do you offer samples and can people share reviews?

The better you inform people who want to buy your hair, the more confident they will feel to actually buy from you. Tell about yourself and why you sell hair, but be very clear about the hair too. Describe all features, including your return policy. This will help the first time buyer to purchase from you. Marketing

What will happen now?

  • Your own special page will be published
  • Intense promotion of your brand on social media will start
  • Your hair will be offered on your special page, so people will only see your hair with your unique story
  • If they like they buy the hair direct from you
  • You receive the money and the order
  • Plus, a happy client
  • You share 4% success fee with us

Now you have two outlets or stores to sell your hair, so you can in fact double your sales. HowToSellHairExtensions is your second store. Marketing

What does it bring you?

You gain access for free to many more women looking for hair extensions, people who saw your store on YouTube or social media thanks to your special webpage More people will know and talk about your hair brand, so more women want to lay their hands on your hair An extra hair store without spending money on your own special webpage, people will fall in love with your hair and like the story you tell State of the art sales and affiliate tool (E-junkie), that allows you to sell your hair at any other website, unlimited.

How much does this cost you?

My aim is to support as many people as possible to start selling hair, so if possible I do things for free or at low cost. The hair store on your special webpage on HowToSellHairExtensions is for free E-junkie online sales system that allows you to sell your hair through your own website or on as many affiliates stores as you can find for only $ 0,5 per product you offer or USD 5 per month. You have a direct contract with e-Junkie. Only for successful deals you share a 4% referral fee with me, so no deal no pay! A free marketing campaign to get people to purchase your hair when you seduced them by your story and pictures, why wait? You can start by filling in this form and we contact you to make it work and to grow your sales through your second store [contact-form-7 id=”4111″ title=”Contact form 1_copy_copy_copy”]