Hair Extension in South Africa

There is a clear growth of demand for hair extensions in Africa and especially South Africa. Surveys shows areas like Eastern Cape and Gauteng benefit from this evolution.

Are you going to compete on price?

In this growing market it is important to position yourself right, if your unique selling point is the price, low price. It will be very difficult to increase your selling price later. Your brand will be identified with cheap and you will need to generate a significant growth of turnover to stay profitable.

Or on specific products, like wigs?

Another position you can consider is to offer high quality hair, extensions and wigs, rather unique in the market and people will identify your shop with knowledge and expertise. Do not underestimate the need for wigs. Although interest is still less than extensions in this segment you can really differentiate your shop from the rest of the market. Be aware wigs are very popular in the United States and they are flooding into the United Kingdom. If you are ahead of the market, people will come to you once they are interested too in getting their own (lace) wigs.

Be unique

Be sure, to stay focused, once you decided what your unique selling point is, a discount shop or the best wigs shop in south Africa continue to broadcast this message in through your website, social media and when you organize an events. If you need help to select in what way you can be different, we can help with our market analyses for South Africa and business planning.


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