Business Ideas for Selling Hair

Business ideas for Selling Hair Extensions will help you to beat the competition and to surprise your client. Use the ideas and business opportunities in several countries so you can start selling hair by analyzing trends and predict the future hair needs of clients. Per country you will find business ideas.

Use this information to work out your own unique way to market hair extensions. Do not copy the hair business ideas of others. Adjust the idea you find with your own personal touch.

Another awesome method to get hair business ideas is to analyse and follow the competition.

  • how do they market their products
  • what hair innovation do they share with their clients
  • at what places do they offer their services and
  • who are their business partners, nail or beauty salon.

In short, you can find business ideas every where and every day!

Business Ideas
  • Month after month growth of customer demand of hair extensions in United States time to jump into this market

  • Increased interest for closures based upon search insight Google

  • Last 90 days (2016) client show highest interest for weaves followed by clip ins. Tip add special weave offers

  • China less important as Hair Exporter, niches like SE Asia (Viet Nam Indonesia, but also Bangladesh)

Business Ideas
  • One out of three people are new users of hair extensions in South Africa

  • Mozambique and Japan show strong increase as hair suppliers

  • Brazilian hair remains the top ranking hair, at distance followed by Peruvian and Indian Hair

Business Ideas
  • United Kingdom has biggest demand for Hair Extensions in Europe

  • Fusion hair is still, for quite some years, very much in demand

Business Ideas
  • Demand for hair extensions increased again after a dip in 2013

  • Increased demand for clip in and tape in extensions

  • Clear demand for wholesale suppliers in Canada

Business Ideas
  • overall domestic demand for hair extensions in Australia is slowing down the last years, advise is to focus on niches

  • less interest for hair extensions and stable interest for wigs (most interest comes from Queensland, Western and South Australia)

  • Clip in hair extensions are an all-time high in the search for hair extensions but interest for tape in is rising

Business Ideas
  • Domestic consumption in France has seen serious increase the last years

  • Nearly 100.000 searches for Les Extensions de Cheveux a month

  • Clip in hair extensions enjoy an increased interest


  1. i wanted to start hair shop business help please

    • I want to start a business

  2. Hi, i want to start selling hair in South Africa and Qatar. i am looking for a hair supplier, kindly help please, thank you

    • Hi Lethabo,

      Thanks for your questions and good to read you want to sell hair in South Africa and Qatar. You will need the right quality of hair to beat the competition and to attract your clients. To find a good wholesale supplier the best start is to understand the needs of your clients, what is the texture and quality of hair they are looking for and what are the pricing and shipping conditions they are willing to accept. Use this information to search for the hair suppliers. Now make a long list of suppliers using your first search and check the websites and social media platforms of these suppliers. How active are they, what do others write about them. If you have done this you can make a short list of hair suppliers. Now you can contact them and try their samples to discover how they handle their clients and the quality of the hair. If you want a faster way to get hair suppliers in your inbox try our VIP service. Best regards, Stefan

      • Hi there,my name is Vusi.I am interested in knowing a Chocolate Supply.My imail address is in advance.I stay in South Africa in Cape Town-if you have a Chocolate Supply in Cape Town I will really appreciate that.Thanks for your help.

        • Hi Vusi, thanks for your comment. I think chocolate can make you feel good too, it’s really a different business than the hair selling business. But I promise, if I hear or read about a Chocolate Supply chain in South Africa I will share your contact details.

          Kind regards,

    • hey
      hi i am selling wholesale hair from india i can send it you some photos please replay me on

  3. i want to start selling hair. i want my own website and i want hair on hands to sell to the people around me.

    • Goodday Catrina. You know what you want and that’s a good thing to start selling hair extensions. I suggest you try to start selling by using social media to start at a low budget and to enable you to use your money to purchase nice hair. If you want to know how much hair at hand you need, we advice you to read our special post.

  4. Hello, I am looking to start a multi-level marketing hair company from the ground up. I would like most my sells to be in person and via online until I am able to open a location. I find it challenging to find a good supplier with reasonable prices. Do you have any idea for me? Thanks

  5. i want to start selling hair. i want my own website and i want hair on hands to sell to the people around me.

    • Hi Tay, that’s a good combination, To have a online webshop and to have hair on hands to sell, or to show to potential clients. If you have a limited budget please check our post on the smart inventory, this will save you money and avoids to sell no as you will have the most needed hair always at home.

    • Hi, this is ada from China hair factory.
      Dream Lace Wigs Co., Ltd is a large manufacturer of hair products in China. We offer top quality Full lace wigs,Front lace wigs(Lace front wigs), frontals, toupees, synthetic lace wigs, hair Extensions, Feather hair,etc. We process 40 advanced designers, technicians and 1000 skilled workers to design, produce and sell large amount of hair systems to all over the world. We keep long-term business relationship with more than 150 wholesalers and distributors from the USA, Canada, Euro, and Africa, and have been helping many clients enter into the field very successfully!


      • Hi Ada, thanks for your comment. It would be very interesting for you to expand your hair business and for our visitors if you provide free hair extensions. After you find wholesale hair extensions manufacturers, and you’ve studied the reviews you want to test the hait, so how to get free hair extensions. Is your business, DreamLacewigs providing free hair samples?

  6. Hi Stephani

    I hope you well I wanna start a weave/hair business. I do not want to be the direct communicator with customers or clients I want to to supply hair salons. The way I want my business to work I want to have a website or a mobile app where by salons around the world will be able to order online specifying the quantities they want etc then I deliver those after payment is done or they collect them.Please advise.

    • I apologise for writing your name wrong.

      • No problem at all, in fact it’s a very original way you wrote my name!

    • Hi Nomakholwa, thanks for your question and I think you have a very smart idea. It is good to be different selling hair. To deliver hair to salons can be very rewarding. They deal with many clients, clients who trust their stylist so if you have a salon as client, you have a bigger sales per client. I would like to talk with you on your plan, feel free to make an appointment on our site (blue comment button). I am looking forward to talk with you.

  7. Hi Stefan

    I kinda need advice or suggetions anything . I recently started selling hair and opened a facebook page called Tu es belle hair , ive been getting likes from people but no one actually really contacts me wanting hair and if they do then they want what i dont have and thats always the problem as im still starting this thing . Im currently in South africa , Cape town and finding it very difficult to sell hair here cause people struggle to pay upfront if not then they want discounts even though my prices are still reasonable for the quality hair im providing so because of that i even made a 2 months laybuy to make it easier but still im not selling . Im now sitting with hair that i want to sell so i can get new stock of what some of my clients want . Im not even sure how to approach hair salons cause i wouldnt mind supplying them with what i have so i can order what clients want so that i dont loose them . Im really still new at this and still finding my way , its frusting at times but i really love hair and want to continue with this and making my clients happy , it would also be great to sell to people in places like Johannesburg , Durban , Nambia and so forth but i need to make capital first . Im not sure if you get what im trying to say i hope you do , your help , suggestion will be of great help .

    Thank you inadvance !

    • Hi Amber, thank you so much for your message. I understand the struggle you face, but it’s good to read you keep on trying for ways to make it happen. First of all, I recommend you to sign up for our free newsletter. This will give you some inspirational emails, but also tips and insight in the hair business.

      Please help me with the full URL of your Facebook page, so i can take a look at it, and share some suggestions with you. It’s good people like what they see, and then it’s up to you to do the follow up. Do you have a script to use to start a conversation with people that liked you hair. Reach out to them. If they look for the hair you do not offer, make sure your pictures and descriptions are clear.

      I would like to have a talk with you, just to go through the various items you mention. Please contact me using the blue button below the screen of the website.

      Kind regards, Stefan

  8. HI,

    I would like to start selling hair in the Caribbean. How can you help me?

    • Hi Jenise, thanks for your question. You made an appointment with the blue Can I Help? button. Let’s talk about selling hair extensions in the Caribbean. Regards, Stefan

  9. Hi Stefan

    I’m all new to this business although i’m a sucker for hair! It’s something i’m looking to do on the side as i am a solicitor “and i intend to take it to another level if it works out. However i need start- up tips for a low budget online business to start with. Can you help?

    thank you
    Kind regards

    • Hi Josie, thanks for leaving a comment. Good to focus your niche on low budget online hair business. This will help you to find the right clients, because you know they are mainly focused on price. You also should have your operations very streamlined, automate the whole process, from marketing, order taking and delivery. Improve the business step by step and be sure you monitor the performance. Use analytical tools to see where you can improve, and fine tune your business over time. If you need more help, check my eBook for ideas. Or call me! Kind regards, Stefan



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