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 You have a dream, you have the passion to make people look and feel good and you want to make nice money too.  With this Hair Extensions Business Plan Package you can save money, frustration and time. Get the complete starters kit immediately and start today!

hair extensions business plan
Sell Beautiful Hair to Your Clients
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You want to Start a Hair Extensions Store?

ONLY $ 29 Do not wait, find good hair and make your first sales!


Free Hair Extensions Samples and Suppliers in your Inbox

Get hair SUPPLIERS directly in your inbox, or get access to FREE HAIR extensions SAMPLES 

Save time looking for suppliers

Your Own Mentor

Advice by phone on how to improve your sales, find hair or to get more clients. You can call anytime when you want!

Free coaching of your business, with focus on sales for 30 long minutes Value $30.00

Guide From Your Dream to Your Own Hairextensions Business

The core of the hair extensions business plan templates is a 60+ pages guide that helps you to turn step by step your dream into a successful and growing hair selling business. Learn how to beat the competition, how to find your clients, how to grow your business and much more plus … you’ll get a example of a hair extensions business plan.

Save time thanks to this guide on the hair business

Word & Excel Templates Hair Business

Write your own hair business plan and prepare your cash flow and sales projections and profit calculation.

Make more cash thanks to your planning and keep focused on your hair sales.

4 Bonus templates

Focus on getting clients right from the start, do not lose time to set up your own marketing survey but use the ready made templates and all you have to do is to listen to your clients. This insight will be crucial to define your unique selling point to include in your hair extensions business plan templates

Be different from the rest and create your own niche

Business Opportunities

Get access and pro active advice about business opportunities, be the first to know marketing and sales opportunities.


Stay ahead of other hair stores

5% discount on tailor made business plan

Plan your way to success together with your own coach and get your unique business plan, financial projections and marketing strategy. Buyers get 5% discount. Or Pay $ 20.00 more

Get Inspired by the Web

No need to browse on the web but get 40 pages of our most inspiring content in just one book. Meet Joan the client who only buys from you, how to build up a list of loyal clients how to learn from the best shops in business and many more inspiring stories. This makes it more easier to get ideas working on your hair extensions business plan templates. Or pay $ 4.00

Get more inspiration

All included, so go and launch your hair business! A small investment to save time and money. Beat the rest and sell more.

You want to Start a Hair Extensions Store?

Start your own business for ONLY $ 29 and sell hair extensions today 


¨By the way, I ordered your ebook for how to start a hair extension business and I read all of it in one sitting. That is a GREAT piece of literature. I learned sooooooooo much, I appreciate you and your team for that!¨

Keenya E. (NC)

How to Make Money in a Business that´s Still Fun!

Every day women all over the world buy hair extensions, Straight, Wavy, Curly … just the hair extensions that makes them look the way like they should, beautiful. And now your side of the story, every day people are selling hair extensions, weft, clip in, feather… just the hair extensions that make their clients look best and why won´t you be the one selling?


  1. Please send information regarding selling extensions on online

    • Hi Lisa, it good to start well informed your business of selling extensions online. On our blog we have several posts about this and we recommend to always combine your social media effort (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) with your webshop. Let your clients get to know you first, connect and build up a relation. Once they like your messages, ideas and pictures of hair extensions and happy clients on your social media platforms, they will visit your webshop.

      If you want some more information you can use the keyword “online” in the search bar of our website. Like for example Social Media combined with your shopping cart will boost your online sales!

      Good luck and do not forget to share your shopname with us for free promotion!

    • Am from pakistan pakistan womens glz are not smoker and drinker Plz i want hair selling bussness and i will give you helthy hairs
      Blv me

      Whtsaap number


      • i will purchase from you my skype id is clsmooth25

        • Hi Corwin, thanks I added you to Skype. Regards, Stefan

      • How much?

  2. Comment please can you text your phone number to me so as to enable me communicate well with you on the hair business to help me know more on d business and how to make payment as well . thanks

  3. Hi yes I just won’t to speak with someone or a have in depth conversation about how exactly all of this works thank you.

    • Hi Treviana, thanks for your message and please share, on skype, your skype contact details so we can arrange a call to talk about how to start a hair extensions business. Please feel free to contact us on Skype: HowToSellHairExtensions. Looking forward to speak with you,

  4. i have hair extensions that i sell i need online shop.kindly contact me

  5. High im a first starter just trying to invest money into to starting a business but need major help

    • Hi Lashae, thanks for your question on how to invest money in starting a hair extensions business. It’s a good first step to see what are the tasks you need to perform as a hair reseller. Do you have the skills on marketing, SEO, operations, finance and of course beauty and hair. See what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. Use this knowledge to see how you can outperform other hair resellers. I will contact you by mail to have a chat on how I can help you to start your business.

      • Hello I’m from the uk and I’m interested in selling hair extensions I am a qualified hair dresser I am able to fit hair exstensions in many different methods I think I could make this a good business please get back to me so I can get started

        • Thanks for your email, I think you have the right start with your skills and education to start selling hair extensions.

          Please let me know what kind of support you would like,

          I recommend to sign up for my newsletter, but we can also schedule a call,

  6. Could we set up a Skype meeting I have a few about setting up a site

    • Hi Candice, thanks for your comment and we can Skype if you want. Please feel free to schedule a free call, using the blue button I can help? on the website. I look forward to talk to you. Regards, Stefan

  7. Hello Im trying to find a wholesale vendor. I have a location and i would like to sell hair myself. I don’t want to do the online thing.

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks. Good idea to sell hair extensions from a store. The visitors can touch, feel and smell the hair and this will help them to make their purchase decision. You do not need to have an online thing, i assume you mean a webshop. However, it will help if part of your marketing strategy you include you online presence. Use social media to spread the word. Help clients to share their experience with your hair (testimonials), build up a community around your store and brand. Share your knowledge and insight in the hair market via a hair blog. Again, no need to have an online store, but great ways to get brand awareness and thus visitors to your store. Finally, please protect your hard work to build a brandname and claim the name of your hair brand before others do and steal your visitors. Good luck!

      • Hello my name is Natasha and would like to start selling hair was wondering if you could help me

        • Hi Natasha, thanks for your question. I would start to define why you want to sell hair extensions. Do you want to have some additional money or do you want to make it a real business. When do you want to reach your goals. What part of the market do you want to service, etc.etc. Feel free to schedule a call to discuss this more in depth . Look forward to talk to you.

          • Yes I have all that information to share with you tried to set an appointment with you but the schedule is showing blank

          • Hi Natasha, If there are other appointments the schedule for the day can be blank. Please check for another day to schedule an other appointment. Regards, Stefan

  8. Would like some information on starting my own hair business.

  9. Need information how I can start human hair extension business

  10. Need info on starting my own business selling hair.

    • Hi Tomecia, thanks for the question about starting your own business selling hair. There are many things to work on, but one of the most important ones is who do you want to cater? Who is your ideal client and where are they, where can you connect with them? If you know that special group of people that you can he,lp to find the hair they need. You have already made 50% of all steps needed to start a hair business. So what is you ideal client? Please let me know if you found that special group, because than I can help you with the next step. To find the right hair. Regards, Stefan

  11. Pls can I get hair supply and pay after sales? I live in Abuja, Nigeria.

  12. Comment hi
    I would like to get a good supplier from overseas to supply me with hair in SA so that I can sell them cause buying them this side is expensive rather than outside

    • Hi Victoria, I can help you finding a good supplier of hair extensions. You can get hair extensions wholesale suppliers for free in your inbox. All you need is to fill in a form and to start the conversation with hair suppliers. I hope to see your request soon! Regards,Stefan

  13. Hello,

    Me and my partner are looking to start a tape-in hair extension business. We are looking for some guidance, access to suppliers etc. Please advise


  14. Hi Stefan,
    Selling hair extensions has always been a dream of mine and I am now ready to bring this dream to life. I have started a business plan to define the market and outline the target market I’d like to reach. I’d like to talk with you to discuss information about suppliers and recommendation on what to do next.

    Thanks for your speedy response. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Hi Jay, thank you so much for your comment. I already contacted you to schedule an appointment. Look forward talking hair bizz with you. Regards, Stefan

  15. Seriously thinking about selling hair online as a business. I am a former licensed hair dresser not longer doing hair in a salon and haven’t for the past 12 years. But I do still enjoy the hair business. And I would like to transition once I retire one day hopefully into something that I could do at home and on the go. And have something part time now to supplement my income. Would appreciate any help available. Thank you

  16. Hi Stefan,
    My significant other and I are interested in starting a hair business. I myself have a huge passion for hair and I am a avid user. He is interested in the business portion of it. We would like more information on how to get started. Our objective is to become the biggest, most sought after hair company there is; however, we need a few pointers. Is there any way we can get in touch with you so we can get started on achieving our dream?

    • Hi Chastity, this I like to read, great to work together in starting a hair business. Passion or hair and business. Please feel free to schedule a call to talk about how to make this work for the both of you. Look forward to speak with you, Stefan

  17. I am a licensed hairstylist and have always wanted to sell hair. Hair is my passion. I want to take my business goals to the next level. I want my own brand and product line to sell in a hair store and online worldwide. I have a vivid idea of my wants just do not know how and where to start to get there. I am so lost right now, have so many questions. I know I want top of the line suppliers and products from quality of the product down to packaging.

    • Hi Teneasha, thanks for your comment, let’s have a call about how to turn your experience and passion for hair into a business. Kind regards, Stefan

  18. Hello my name is gleneisha and I have always wanted to sell hair and own my own business am a single mother so being able to do it at home is a plus please help me with suppliers thanks in advance

  19. Hello my name is Valentina and I have always wanted to sell hair and own my own business a please help me with suppliers thanks in advance



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