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Mystique Hair Collection

Mystique Hair Collection is a specalized Eurasian Hair Wholesale supplier with not only Eyrasian, but also Indian hair, Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair. We specialize in providing premium quality hair extensions that is in the hair market. We ensure Remy quality meaning, cuticles are kept in tact, aligned and healthy. Who is Mystique Hair Collection? A company created by a woman for women of all ethnicity. Our Eurasian hair wholesale company distributes hair extensions directly imported from India, Europe & Asia and manufactured in the states. Hair comes in virgin condition – meaning no chemicals, synthetic additives, bleach or color has been process to the hair. Mystique Hair Collection can be worn up to two years with proper hair treatment and does not tangle or breakdown over time. Eurasian hair wholesaleIndian Wavy MystiquehairCoEurasian hair wholesale

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Eurasian Natural Wave
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Eurasian Natural Straight
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Brazilian wavy
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Brazilian Curly  Peruvian Curly Sample USD 55.80 Peruvian Wavy Sample USD 50.80
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Indian Wavy Sample USD 69.00 Indian Curly Sample USD 74.00

Package Eurasian & Peruvian & Indian

3 Samples USD 185.00

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All sample bundles come in 3.5 oz in lengths 12″ and 18″ inches.

All samples delivered in the USA are shipped by regular mail, take 5-7 working days into consideration for delivery, shipping is FREE.  For International (non US) delivery a shipping charge of USD 27.00 applies with 6-10 working days for delivery. FULL REFUND of purchase price samples with first wholesale order. You can cancel a sample order after payment, but please take into account a handling fee of USD 25 plus additional USD 12,50 will apply for shipping. Cancellation is only possible for unopened and not used packages.

Eurasian Straight MystiqueHairCo Eurasian Natural Wavy MystiqueHairCo MystiqueHairCo

Mystique Hair Collection has established strong lasting relationships with the hair industry gurus across the world. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve and offer the most competitive prices possible. Other companies and distributors save cost by sourcing low quality hair from China that will mat, tangle and shed like crazy just from minimum use in a few weeks. We value the integrity and ethics of our company and within ourselves.

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Questions or suggestions for the hair supplier, email the hair supplier direct. or use whatsApp +1 818.518.7612

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  1. I am interested to start my small business to sale brazilian hair straight curly deep and I am form Namibia I want a help how can I order sample of hair in mystique hair collection please help me

    • Hi Kristofina, good to read you comment. It’s good to read you want to start a hair selling business in Namibia. If you would like to order a risk free sample from Mystique all you need to do is to order the samples you like from the page of Mystique. If you like the hair, share your review and you get the price of the hair sample in return. So a good deal.



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