Hair Extensions Skype call

Hair Extensions Skype Call

Get a free Skype call and get a first review of your plans to start your own hair business, or get finally the answers on those questions that have been blocking you to grow your hair store.


Why a Skype call

By experience we know many people who want to start their own hair business do never actually start because there are one or two things they just can not get their head around. And that’s such a waste of great ideas or innovations in the hair business. For this we have a free Skype call, we want to answer your questions and free that energy you have.

How does this work

If you mail us your Skype name or use the blue Can I Help button and your time zone or location we contact you, by Skype to set a date for the call. That’s all. On the agreed time you can have the talk for 10 minutes.

What do you have to pay

Nothing at all for this first call of 10 minutes. Do you want more advice or support, check the longer and more extensive calls of 15, 30 and 60 minutes,

Our Skype name

Our Skype name is HowToSellHairExtensions

How to make an appointment


Use the Blue Button I can Help? and schedule your appointment for the call right away! At the time and day most convenient for you. Hope to speak to you soon,