Want to offer the whole world your hair extensions? Go online!

Three steps to not only get the right clients, but also to make others talk about your hair brand!



Find Your Clients

To find your clients was never easier, thanks to our Ideal Hair Extensions Client Strategy. Profiling is used by the police to capture the bad guys. You can use profiling to catch the best clients. Know their background, understand their doubts and be where they are! Do you prefer to keep looking for clients, or do you like to see them come to you?

Follow our Ideal Hair Extensions Client Strategy to meet your clients


Keep Your Clients Interested

Once you know who wants to buy from you, all you need is to keep them close to you. Your client might need some time before she buys. She must to wait till the end of the month or needs hair for that big party later this month. We can make sure she will never forget you and remembers you when she is ready to purchase hair and to look great again!

Follow your own Ideal Hair Extension Client Strategy and keep your clients warm till they are ready to buy from you


Sell Your Hair to Clients

Do you like to miss selling opportunities? Why wouldn’t you sell hair to your Ideal client? Now it’s time to get your own hair extensions website. Benefit from my experience with many hair stores all over the world and start selling online.

Follow the Ideal Hair Extensions Client Strategy with your own online hair store and create money thanks to your happy clients.


What do You Need to Supply

Provide the following:

  • Company logo
  • Company name
  • Company house style (if available) color and fonts
  • Content to add on website (all content should be owned by you or free of rights)
  • Contact details
  • Pricelist (if applicable)

Monitor the design progress

You will be able to follow the progress 24/7 using a test url.

The url and details will be shared with you once the design is in progress.



The hosting of the website and the registration of the domain name will be done with Bluehost in the USA.

The hosting and domain fee is not included in the remuneration.

You will be directly in contact with Bluehost.



You decide on the language to be used on the website.

Keep your Ideal Client in mind


Login code hosting

After you registered the domain and administrated the hosting services you will receive a login code from Bluehost. Please share the login code with us by email.

We will use this login only to create your website.

No other use is allowed.


Loging code website

To familiarize yourself with the website and to understand the design process you will receive the website login code. You are kindly requested to share suggestions at any time by mail or chat.



You get training to find your Ideal Client, to keep them warm and interested using newsletter and social media. But also on how to upload new content to keep the website fresh and to improve the ranking for SEO purpose. If needed and not for not too complex tasks we can always upload items for free after the hand over.


Hand Over

The website will be handed over with an official event by Skype, WhatsApp or WeChat. You will receive the explanation, upload manual and all login details.


Earn Money tell a Friend

You can make more money with the website if you refer people (named lead) to us for website or content marketing support. To show our appreciation we will share a 20% fee of the invoice with you if the lead places a new order. If the lead is happy with the result, you share in this with an extra 5% pay-out.

You Want To Sell Hair Online?

Complete All-In-One Package plus your own website

Buy Website

Go Online with your own website, just fill in the form and I contact you about your own hair extensions website

Please contact me about my hair store website

3 + 5 =


How Much do You Want to Invest?

You decide how much you want to invest in your own website or blog. You tell me the money you want or can invest.  You will never spend more than you can afford and still start selling hair.


Hosting and newsletter services are provided by third party specialized firms. Charges for their party services are not included.