The challenge

The Hair Extensions market keeps on growing, but many hair shops face pressure on their profit margin due to the fierce competition. More and more online hair shops enter the market, and fight their place in the market by offering hair extensions at the lowest price. What can you do to stop this and to stay in the hair business while making nice money?

The answer:

Offer new products in new markets! Invest in knowledge and innovate!

The solution:

How to find new competitive products? We keep an eye on the market for you and we are happy to announce our new collaboration with the successful British, state of the art, hair extensions manufacturer Flip In Hair Ltd. From Warwickshire. This company offers unique Flip In hair Extensions, temporary, damage free hair extensions. Because there are no clips, no Bonding Glue and no weaving involved!

Flip In stands for 1 minute to fit and 1 second to remove

Impress your clients by the beauty of the Flip In hair Extensions, support your clients thanks to the swift and easy way to install (and remove) the hair, and make them happy thanks to the great after sales.

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What about Flip In Hair Ltd

Flip-In Hair Ltd is a global company with a range of innovative hair extension products that have taken the hair industry by storm.
Managing director Dayle Adams began the company in 2007 having trained and worked in holistic therapies. Dayle recognized a huge demand for hair extensions that were more temporary than traditional methods – for a product that provided length and volume without using glue, clips or weaving. And so Flip-In Hair was born. Only two years ago Flip-In Hair won the Best Luxury Instant Extension in the Your Hair Awards.
Flip-In Hair continues to go from strength to strength and its products have become firm favorites with many celebrities and presenters. The quest for beautiful, full hair is something that continues to grow and so fuels the growth of Flip-In Hair which is constantly looking to develop its product lines and widen its distribution network.

How to get involved in this fantastic product?

To enrich your product offering to get more visitors, happier customers and higher margins add Flip In extensions to your hair business offer. Get in touch with us on how:

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