Share your experience with hair extensions suppliers on this page. If you are looking for a hair wholesale supplier, we recommend our VIP service to get the introductions from suppliers in your email box.

Hair suppliers can make or break your hair business, you know this from the start and next to finding new clients the search for good quality hair will be the activity you will spend most time on.By sharing your experience we can make it a better hair world! Less disappointments and more profit and happy clients!

So you will benefit from the reviews others have about hair extensions they bought from various hair extensions wholesale suppliers before. Thanks to combined experience you can save time and thus money.

Hair Supplier Review

Think of the quality of the hair or the service. Perhaps how they dealt with complaints, anything that gives a good picture of the hair supplier.

These reviews should be about products, not about individual persons and constructive. We all should learn from it in a positive way. Do not use bad language, but focus on the facts. If you are unhappy with the hair received or the service delivered, first contact the supplier. Only comment on this page after your received their response. If you are happy, please feel free to share this, so suppliers with a good reputation can benefit from your comments also.

It´s all about sharing knowledge. The goal is to get a better quality of hair offered. Any comments that are in violation with these rules or inappropriate will be removed.

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