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How to start to put your hair extensions for sale



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How to put your dream, selling hair in your own hair extensions shop, into action? You have that great idea, the idea to start your own hair extensions business. For example you want to put clip in hair extension for sale, but you do not know how to put this dream into action? You do not have the time, you are not good at figures or you have another good reason to keep on buying your hair extensions from a shop with a service that is well below what you could do!
There is no excuse not to start anymore your human hair business, we want you to start Your Own Hair Business and on this page you will find tips and answers on all your doubts.


You can even find risk free hair samples. Let us help you to turn your clients into wholesale clients and boost your sales!
Many entrepreneurs started to put fusion hair extensions for sale or offer now hair extensions for sale online, using our advice. In the postings below you can find all information on how to sell hair weave online, or how to offer wigs online. 
If you are looking for trends, or new opportunities, like for example hair extensions online in India we suggest you check our business plan section. 



How To Start

What about social media /website/web shops

If you start with a low budget you first have to build up a collection of nice hair extensions to show to your potential clients and you want to be sure you will put an acceptable amount of money at risk in case the business will, despite all you effort, not become a success. So do not spend too much money in the beginning on a fancy website or web shop. The use of social media is free and more and more people are using social media to form their opinion about products they want to purchase. Read more »

Get Inspired by the best of the web

Get Inspired by the Best of the Web eBook For everybody who wants to have quick access to our best posts to get inspired You want to find out if you are a good entrepreneur, who is your ideal client, where is your competition and what can you learn from Indique and other shops. Or what is the experience your client is looking for, how to find new markets and much more in a smart 40 pages. Read more »

Training Get Your Share

As of February the 14th our brandnew Training on How To Sell Hair Extensions will be available Get Your Share - You are entiteld to get your share of the hair selling market Make- You are going to learn how to boost your sales Them Want Your Hair - They will only want to buy form you because you their needs and you know how to outperform the competition With an investment of USD 150 you will get this training that will boost your sales This is what you get: Read more »

Get your hair samples in the USA!

You finished your market survey so you know exactly what your clients are looking for! But where to get reliable hair from? You do not want to risk your money on lousy samples, right. If you are looking for Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian or Eurasian hair, there is a safe solution. Try the risk free hair samples from the wholesale supplier Mystique Hair Collection. This business is run by CEO Vina and she has you as her top priority! And she offers support for hair shops! Read more »

Year is coming to its end, time to put your dream online!

Okay, the year is nearly over and a new year often means that I want to set a new milestone or just that I want to make something new to happen! If you have this kind of feelings also, why don´t you put everything at work to turn your own dream into reality. Why don´t you put your shop online and start to put your hair extensions for sale! To run your own web shop might seems very complex, because you: Read more »

I tip hair extensions wholesale

Looking for i tip hair extensions wholesale? Did you perform a hair extensions market research and it turns out your clients are looking for i tip hair extensions? If you did not perform a market research yet, iIn the graph below you can see the evolution of the interest in i tip hair extensions and U tip hair extensions, since 2010. You can see a clear higher interest for I tip hair extensions. // The next step is to look for a source for i tip hair extensions wholesale, for this you ca... Read more »

Need a Word template for your hair business plan'

Tweet // If you: do not want to wait prefer to focus right away on the content of your plan Do not want to type over a business plan template but prefer to use a ready to fill in document Then the Business Plan Templates are made for you for only USD 15.99! If you want to write your business plan yourself use these templates. We have for YOU the templates to compose your own hair extensions shop business plan. Read more »

Hair Extensions Online Market Survey for free

Perform an online market survey for free Why would you spend a lot of money on performing an online market survey? Wouldn´t you prefer to build a strong relation with your potential clients right away and to get their opinion about your future? If you start your business, you want to know what the exact need of your target audience is. You want to perform a market survey to be able to only purchase and market hair extensions and hair products your potential clients want to buy. There are s... Read more »

Selling Hair

Do you have a dream selling hair, to start your own hair extensions business. Or a dream to become your own boss and to get a growing number of clients; happy clients who return to your shop to buy new hair extensions. Add some extra margin Are you, as a hair salon owner, looking for ways to improve the margin of your hair business. Imagine how you could earn money selling hair in much less time than when you style the hair of your client. Read more »

Grab those sweet Q4 2014 sales and start now!

The best sales persons know, to grab their share of the huge end of year turnover, they have to start in time. You have to start in time to let the market know you have the best hair at the best price, you need to build up the right audience, to find them and to start sending your target clients the message you have what they are looking for! Do not wait too long, unless you prefer to wait another year to make some nice money. Read more »


How to Make Money in a Business that´s Still Fun!

Every day women all over the world buy hair extensions, Straight, Wavy, Curly … just the hair extensions that makes them look the way like they should, beautiful.

And now your side of the story, every day people are selling hair extensions, weft, clip in, feather… just the hair extensions that make their clients look best and why won´t you be the one selling?



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