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How to Start Selling Hair Extensions

How to put your dream, start selling hair in your own hair extensions shop, into action? You have that great idea, the idea to start your own hair extensions business. For example you want to put clip in hair extension for sale, but you do not know how to put this dream into action? Is it because:

  • you do not have the time,
  • you are not good at figures or
  • you have another good reason to keep on buying your hair extensions from a shop with a service that is well below what you could do!

There is no excuse not to start start selling hair as a business anymore, we want you to start Your Own Hair Business and on this page you will find tips and answers on all your doubts. You can even find risk free hair samples. Let us help you to turn your clients into wholesale clients and boost your sales. Many entrepreneurs started to put fusion hair extensions for sale or offer now hair extensions for sale online, using our advice to start start selling hair.   In the blogpostings below you can find all information on how to sell hair weave online, or how to offer wigs online. If you are looking for trends, or new opportunities to start selling hair, like for example hair extensions in a cafe or hair extensions bar we suggest you check our business plan templates section.

Start start selling hair today and combine passion with making money.

How much money to start a Hair Business

Starting a business means you are willing to take risks. Not the risk to lose everything you care about, but calculated risks.

If you want to start a hair extensions business you take a risk, and from some of you I receive the question how much money do I need to start. In other words, how much do I have to invest? If you know this amount, you know how much you must set apart, or to earn with your first sales

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start selling hair
start selling hair
start selling hair
start selling hair
start selling hair
start selling hair

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How to Make Money in a Business that´s Still Fun! Every day women all over the world buy hair extensions, Straight, Wavy, Curly … just the hair extensions that makes them look the way like they should, beautiful. And now your side of the story, every day people are selling hair extensions, weft, clip in, feather… just the hair extensions that make their clients look best and why won´t you be the one selling?

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  1. We want to boost our hair business,
    we are the wholesaler from India.
    whatsapp +919818112893

    • There is a clear demand for Indian sourced hair, so welcome on the hairmarket. On your website you mention you are the third generation in the hair business and you have an attractive product offering.

      Use this to create comfort for clients abroad willing to buy from Indian factories.

      It could be interesting to start to offer a sample service for new customers abroad to get experience with your hair extensions and your client focus. Use your social media to build an audience of hair resellers, share the proces in your factory, your employees and share client reviews. You have a great story to tell, so share this with your potential clients.

      Looking forward to see Hairs-x to grow!

  2. I’m Interested in setting a business in selling hair. How do I go about this?

    • Hi Angela, thank you so much for sharing your comment, it’s a good time to setting up your business, because if you start now you are ready for the end of year selling season. In any case it’s smart to subscribe to our newsletter, it will give you free advice and inspiration to start your business. Did you already subscribe?

  3. I am interested in selling hair extensions.

    • Goodday Debbie. You picked the right business and the right time. The hair business still has growth potential and with the end of year sales season around the corner this is the moment to start your business. Please share with me the country you are located, so I can help you to find the best business ideas for you. Kind regards, Stefan

      • I live in Dallas Texas. And just graduated from cosmetology school and am interested in an online hair extension business. What are the beginning steps that i need to start this journey?

        • Hi Michelle, first of all, congratulations! To start this journey, next to your knowledge as cosmetologist you need to have some expertise on marketing, business planning, and other relevant issues, like social media or photography. If you have this education, you will be in a better position to be your own boss, to make your own decisions. No need to know everything, but it helps you to find the right person or organisation to support you if needed.

          The human hair business, especially online, is a business of trust. Only if people have confidence in you and your hair brand they will purchase from you. So a next step is to start setting up your social media. Share with people insight in what you are doing and the set up of your business. Now you build your network of fans and followers, people that will connect with you and people who can give you insight in what they want.

          In the meantime you start to find a hair supplier, a supplier of hair. Your target audience, the people who start to follow you, will give you their feedback on the hair and this helps you to select the best supplier for you. After this there are some more steps, but this will help you to start. Sign up to our free newsletter that will take you on the journey with only eights emails.

          Good luck!

    • it all depends on what type of exntosiens you used. If you used synthetic hair then I wouldn’t recomend dying the them. If you used real human hair you’re all set. They can be treated the exact same way as your hair. I suggest using a demi permanent color only because they don’t have the harsh chemicals like permanent dyes do, that way you wont cause too much damage to the exntosiens

  4. Hi
    My name is Vicki and I am a business owner
    I would like to introduce hair extentions in my salon and would like to know where ,how,and what type of human hair extentions I need to buy
    I am interested in the tape ins and wondering how I can go about thus as I know there are lots of lengths colours to choose from and know it could get quite expensive
    Can you tell me is there any suppliers who offer consignment
    Thanks vicki

  5. hello this is candy from qingdao arison hair.
    If you donot mind have a good new supplier,email
    whatsapp:86 13156275221
    qingdao arison hair

  6. Hi Stefan 🙂

    You mentioned in an earlier comment that now is a good time to open up shop because of the end of year selling season, exactly or round abouts when should I keep my eyes peeled and where can I find these sales / suppliers? Aliexpress?

    Thanks, Jo

    • Hi Jo,

      Indeed you are right, because of the end of year holiday season, this is the time to share your product offering with your potential clients. So If you plan to start a hair shop, this is the nest time, because more people are ready for buying hair. Or to give it as a present!

      If you start in time people looking for hair will be able to see your shop during their search for shops, take into account most clients have visited a shop around seven times before they actually bought hair or any other hair product.

      Are you ready to start selling?

  7. i am looking to start an online business to sell hair around three university camuses and a populated city in jamaica . Demand is high for hair product and i already have my target market

  8. Hi. I want to start selling hair extension online but to Norwegian custumers at first. I am looking for a wholesale distributor that have VERY goog quality. With service can you help me with?

    • Hello Adrianna, thanks for your comment and great to sell hair extensions to Norwegian clients. We can introduce you to hair suppliers in various countries, please feel free to check our offer that comes with our business packages.

  9. i am vietnamese, my parent are all kind of hair extension supplier, but they only sell in the local market. now they want to expand market to the world. how should i do to help them find a buyer? i need your favor.

    • Hi Bang Nhi, thanks for your message, the growing demand for hair extensions in the world, not only the USA and Europa but also Africa, like Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya for example gives a good hair supplier indeed possibilities to expand their business. If you share more information about your company and even more important the hair you offer, I am sure we can find hair re-sellers with great interest for your hair.

  10. I’m Nigerian , I wan to start my hair business but I don’t really know how to go about and where to get them from

    • Hi Seyide, Thanks for your question. There are several good things to start a hair business in Nigeria. We see an increasing demand, especially for human hair extensions. A good first step would be to study the hair stores or salons that are selling hair extensions already. Talks to them, study their service offering, so you get a good idea about their business model. But also think of the clients you want to service and make look and feel good. What do they like in the current hair market, but more important what do they miss. If you want to start and are looking for some guidance, feel free to check our eBook plus templates. This will help you to start your own business and to make enough money to do nice things.

  11. Hai me bass from south India. I can supply you natural indian remy human hair pl reply me

    • hi,

      my name is olly from south Africa,interested in selling in hair extension.
      My email is


      • Hi Olly, thanks a lot for your question and I think you are right. This is the best time to start in SA. Benefit from the growing demand for hair extensions in South Africa. I would love to talk with you or app about what your ideas are and how I can support you. I would love to know why you want to sell hair, what your objectives are, when do you want to be ready to sell and when is it a success for you or not. Based upon these questions we can talk about your experience and the kind of clients you want to make feel and look good. Please schedule a call with the blue Can I Help Button, Kind regards Stefan

  12. I really liked your advice and encouragement on how to start the hair business…..I am Kenyan and I love hair extensions as I have also been selling them just as a side income but now I want to start my own human hair brand online business…can u advice on how to go about it?…I already have a client base but not that big and so I want to increase it… motivation and happiness is seeing a woman looking good and feeling good after I sell her the hair…

    • Hi Lyne, Thanks for your kind words and good to read you want women to look and feel good. The market opportunities for hair extensions in Kenya are good, so there is room to grow your side income. Every advice is tailormade, so specific for you. How and in what niche you can grow your business depends on your skills, the market you want to serve and the financial resources. Together with your focus on what your clients need you can make a great business. Sign up to the newsletter and contact me using the blue can I help button for an appointment. Regards, Stefan

  13. hello, pls am interested in joining ur team, I love hair nd beauty, and plans are actively going on how to set up a shop, I just need weavons to sell at wholesales BT lack funding to buy, I don’t know if u can help bridge d gap.

    • Hi Esthy, I am glad you left a comment. I think you can fit perfectly in our team. Please schedule a call so I can help you to start your own hair extensions business. See my special post to see how it works. You call me, right! Kind regards, Stefan

  14. hi i will like to start a business of selling wig and different human hair,but i want to sell them on a book like avon to have my book nation wide the thing i don’t know how do i go about this i stay in south africa and i have many ideas for this business

    • Hi Puleng, nice to read your comment. Great to read about your idea to be original in marketing your hair. Indeed you have to be different to beat the competition and to get noticed by everybody in need of hair. Let’s have a call to discuss your ideas and see how to make them work for you!


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