How to promote your hair extension brand for free?

Would you like to know how to promote your hair extension brand for free? We understand you can only invest your hard-earned money once. If you have a hair extension store, a hair salon and you are selling hair extensions or a wholesale company, you are invited to participate in the offer to advertise your hair extension brand for free.

How to promote your hair extension brand for free?

You will get a full website page for your hair extension brand; the page will be optimized for search engines. Imagine, potential clients looking for your brand or the hair you offer, will have extra chance they will run into your brand.

Your store will end up multiple times in the search engines, like Google or Bing. And the more your brand will show up, the bigger chance they will buy your hair.

Images Needed

Pictures or images about the hair you are offering are the absolute number one. If possible, add images of your happy clients. The impact of happy people with your hair brand installed is many times higher than images copied from the internet.

The more the better, but 10 is more than enough. Please share a description to help the viewer to form an educated opinion about your hair brand.



Next to the images, a story about why you are selling hair, a short introduction of your hair brand and why people like to buy from you will help the visitor to get curious., If they want to know more about your brand and you, they will want to visit your website.

Contact details

The last item are your contact details, again the more the better. Website, Facebook, WhatsApp everything! Do not think everybody will use the same channel to get in touch with you.

How to make your free hair extension brand promotion work?

Mail your images, the story and contact details to and keep an eye on our website! Looking forward to promoting your business