How to Make Money in a Business that´s Still Fun!

Every day women all over the world buy hair extensions, Straight, Wavy, Curly … just the hair extensions that makes them look the way like they should, beautiful. And now your side of the story, every day people are selling hair extensions, weft, clip in, feather… just the hair extensions that make their clients look best and why won´t you be the one selling?


  1. Hello, My name is Chantale Charles and I am very serious about opening my own hair extension business. I would like help starting a business step by step.


    • Hi Chantale, thanks for your comment. I will mail you to see how we can help you to start your own business, but I think it´s a good start to work step by step. By doing so you will increase your the success ratio and limit the risk of failure. I recommend to have a plan that will include a moment where you decide to GO or not to continue with your plan. Make sure you have a good idea of the needs of your clients, the number of clients that will buy your products and how you can be different from the competition. This will ensure you there is enough demand in the market for your hair (products). In this process you can already start to build up your client list, so if you are ready to launch your business you have clients as of day 1.
      I will mail you now!

      • I am interested in starting my own hair extension business. I am a licensed cosmetologist and would like more information please. Thank you.


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