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You need inspiration on how to start selling hair in New York? What about the story of two girls.

Co-founders Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards met in New York City, and were determined to find a way to save time and money on world-class hair extensions. Together, they fixed the glaring holes in this explosive market. By applying cutting-edge technology to beauty, they introduced a revolutionary process, which decreased application time while improving both quality and accessibility to this transformative experience.

Naturally, they were determined to provide a gorgeous environment, offering industry-leading customer service to showcase their technological accomplishment. It’s a new kind of service for a new kind of girl, including NYC’s best stylists bringing back better blowouts. How did they know? They’re girls! They wanted it too!




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Young, Trendy, Fabulous Hair Extensions is New York City’s premier hair extensions, human hair wigs, & hair replacement specialist, offering modern state of the art hair attachment and hair replacement techniques for the most natural and longest lasting look and feel.

Relax in our sleek boutique studio just steps away from luxurious 5th Avenue shopping and the excitement of Manhattan’s Broadway, Bryant Park, & Times Square just minutes away. Our chic Midtown Manhattan salon offers a full service menu which includes color to ensure your own hair matches perfectly to your hair extensions, haircuts for a seamless blend, keratin treatments, highlights/lowlights, & blow drys to name a few. Our licensed, professional staff is experienced with the installation and maintenance of hair extensions for all hair types and guarantees you a seamless finish as well as the industry’s best quality of hair care.


Hair Extensions NYC

Hair Extensions NYC

While other companies provide less than 20 color options, Hair Extensions NYC offers over 400 color combinations, for women with single tone shades, highlights, lowlights or multi-tonal shades. Hair Extensions NYC are hand sewn and custom-made for the perfect match, making them virtually undetectable, creating a completely flawless, continuous and natural look. More extension strands and more hair pieces mean more volume and thickness even for women with the shortest, finest hair.
Other companies provide clip-on hair pieces that are attached in only or two locations on the head or are composed of single strands, making the hair extensions highly detectable, heavy and uncomfortable. Hair Extensions NYC extensions are designed to be strategically placed in different locations on the head, making them virtually undetectable and weightless, creating a perfectly-blended, more luxurious natural look — even for women with short or fine hair.

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