How to get more visitors to your site

More visitors You want more visitors to your website? Visitors that will turn into clients if they like what you offer! Or even better into loyal clients because they will come back to you. Read here how to make this possible. Start your own Blog and become known as an expert in hair fashion The secret is to make sure you share your expertise, impress people with your knowledge about hair and they will feel more confident to buy from you. Start your own blog about the extensions you want to sell and make this a special event for everybody who visits your blog

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Make Money with Bonding Glue on Weave Extensions

TMG Group New York has a PAID FOCUS GROUP…

Seeking Professional Hairstylists & Consumers who use
Bonding Glue on Weave Extensions
Rate: $75 plus $25 for transportation

Date: September 2, 2015

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Port Washington, NY Long Island
(If you do not drive, there is a train station 5 mins away)

Looking for:
Target A: 6 Regular consumers who use hair bonding glue regularly (4 African American & 2 Hispanic)
Target B: 6 Professional Hairstylists who use hair bonding glue regularly to clients
There will be two sessions – first one hour with Target A and the second hour with Target B.

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How much Stock do you need to keep

What is the level of inventory I should keep A returning question on our email consult is what is the level of inventory I should keep? Of course you do not want to put all your money in your stock. No problem if you have a high turnover rate (for example what you purchased yesterday is sold today) but it can kill your business and passion, if your money is piled up in beautiful hair extensions, but nobody is buying. You do not want to feel like Scrooge McDuck in a warehouse full of hair, do you? How to calculate your minimum level of stock To calculate how much inventory you need, you have to analyze a couple of things. First of all how are the delivery conditions of your supplier? In case they offer next day delivery, you can afford to keep a low inventory. But do they always have all the required textures or inches available? If this is not the case you could decide to find a second supplier or to keep extra inventory for these specific extensions. If your supplier needs more days or even weeks before they deliver, you need to have some stock in […]

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