How to have enough hair at hand but at limited hair inventory

How to have enough hair at hand but at limited hair inventory

A shop full of hair extensions, different textures, different lengths and everything available that’s what most of your clients are looking for. But how much money can you afford to keep all this stock in the house? And what if it takes a long time before your 24 and taller lengths are sold. You can´t spend money that is invested in stock.

So what would be the right balance between an inventory at hand that you can use to satisfy the needs of your clients at the moment they want to buy and a limited amount invested in your stock.

This is what your client needs

Thanks to the search engines on the internet, we are able to see what people Google when they are looking for example for …. hair extensions. With this information you can: – at least predict a little bit better the future trends in hair extensions. –...

How to keep your stock of hair

You should find a dry and clean place to store your stock and if possible, don´t store the hair extensions in the full sunlight. Label the hair extensions so later you will be able to distinguish the various types, lengths and colours without any hesitation. Avoid to...

How much Stock do you need to keep

What is the level of inventory I should keep A returning question on our email consult is what is the level of inventory I should keep? Of course you do not want to put all your money in your stock. No problem if you have a high turnover rate (for example what you...