How To Sell Hair Extensions Twitter

Hi, welcome on my website. I am very enthusiastic about Twitter because it helps me to share my ideas and news about for example new hair salons or promotions over new hair selling businesses with a very commitetd audience.

Do you already use Twitter for your marketing campaigns? It helps me to finetune my messages because on Twitter people really share what they are interested in. This has helped me to find most of the hair salons that wanted to advertise on our website or social media. I know who has a great bundle offer or launch or their website and to them I can offer our free advertisement service. Just to get to know each other.

If you are interested in what your potential clients are dealing with, for example the pain points buying hair from other suppliers give, use twitter analytics or Social Bro. Do not forget to spy on your competitors, use Twitter to see what and how they are doing their business.

For sure you already know you can use keywords, hashtags, url’s or mentions to analyse what is said on Twitter, but did you also known you can segment these search results in gender, location, number of followers and many more? This helps you to follow and target the right person, and to bring an offer they are looking for exactly at the time they are in need of it. This does not only saves money and time, it generates money!

If you have built enough insight with the free campaigns, you can also invest with more result in paid campaigns. Because the bigger audience and the higher conversion rate will make the investment worthwhile.

So do you use Twitter already to get more visitors and more clients?